Neighbourhood Ditty

One police car, two police car Everybody's screaming Three police car, four police car It's going to be a long day

Not My Problem

Everyone says don't care Not my problem If they even hear Everybody's problems Are nobody's And nobody's problems Are anybody's But you need more Not just ears And nobody got that

In My Dreams You’re Always There

When I dream You're always there So I question Which is nightmare The sleeping Or the waking

You Break Me Every Time

My heart breaks With your careless words And your self world Add casual rejection Toss in favouritism The prejudice at random And I'm left lost Confused and hurt Vulnerable and fragile I become small As if trapped A never-ending child I debate and doubt Armour up, harden up And lose myself Or continue loving With... Continue Reading →

Heal Me with a Little Love

We've all that inside child Crying out for someone Hold me tight when it's tough I'm done with others' words Just be here and stay here Cause no one else did Don't need any fixing Just a lot of loving Hold me tight when it's tough Let me cry my tears And don't judge my... Continue Reading →

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