Er, Hang on, What Month is this Anyway?

I am right in thinking that this is still December, yes?

I am also right to think that when you talk about April showers, June weddings, August holidays and November mists then all these things take place in their respective months, yes?

Obviously June and August aren’t the only months when you can get married or go on holiday but it won’t be a June wedding in December or an August holiday in October.  Although you can (and will) get showers and mist throughout the year, you wouldn’t think of prefixing these meterological events with April and November regardless of the month.

That makes perfect sense doesn’t it?

So why is it that for the last TWO WEEKS various companies have been bombarding my inbox informing me of their January sale offers?

Yes, JANUARY sale.  In December.

That doesn’t make a lot of sense does it?

Come on, it isn’t rocket science, surely a JANUARY sale takes place in JANUARY.  It doesn’t start on Boxing Day (that’s always traditionally been known as, believe it or not, a Boxing Day sale) and it can’t continue on through the remaining days of December.  It can’t be a January sale until January actually starts.  As far as I’m aware that doesn’t happen until 1 January so it all seems a little bit premature.


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