Oh Dear …

… I don’t seem to have done very well with my resolution to write regularly, have I?  I do feel very bad for neglecting this duty but then I ask myself: should regular blogging really be a ‘duty’ anyway?  This is something I’m meant to enjoy, a creative outlet for my random musings rather than a must do, a have to tick off the envelope before tonight type task.  But guilt is an emotion that I feel far too easily and I believe in my own failure far too quickly.

The problem is that I’ve actually been rather busy.  There’s been the small matters of rewiring the house and having no hot water or heating for over a month, a slight distraction which is both time and mind consuming.

Trust me though, there is still plenty going on in my head.   I’ve still been busy dreaming up all kinds of profound and inspired pieces for this blog.  Sadly this means that I’m still not sleeping well and as usual these magnus opuses (or opi?  hmmm) have disappeared by the time civilised morning comes around.

It’s pinning things down that is the problem.  My head at the moment resembles my ever growing stash of yarn, bright and appealing.  However as my husband will confidently inform you that my stash will never be used (thank you)  then I can see another parallel with the contents of my head.  It looks good but it’s putting it to practical use that is the problem.  That and retrieving the contents in an ordered fashion when you want them.

In fact, my head is like that knitting stash being bundled into a small confined room (with plenty of cobwebs, I’m sure) whereupon some kind soul has immediately seen the need to house half a dozen manic kittens.  Kittens have very sharp claws and teeth and they love chasing yarn.  The inside of my head, if you were to place me inside one of those scary claustrophobia inducing scanners, would look like the results.  Occasionally you can loosen a length of yarn and chase it back a while, just like following a thought logically.  Then you hit a knot where it all becomes jumbled in a multicoloured frenzy of fibre and you give up.

Please bear with me.  I’m trying to bear up with my own head.

Oh, and does anyone have a remedy for evicting mental kittens?


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