Laws of the Universe

I remember learning about several laws of the universe when I was at school, two of them in fact.  Maybe there are more but those are the two I know about and ‘learnt’.  (If you could place yourself in the shoes of any of my science teachers then you’d no doubt be impressed that I had at least managed to learn something in your lessons.)

There was gravity.  Everyone knows about gravity.  Gravity has a bad habit of presenting itself when you’re going to least appreciate it.  When you’re falling, for example.  We mainly see gravity as a negative because of the painful consequences when we try to circumvent it.  However gravity is a good thing because it stops things spinning off into outer space.

There’s another one too.  This people are possibly a little bit more aware of after such a nasty icy spell.  This is friction.  (Not to be confused with the library department where the stories are kept, that’s FICTION.  Friction is not fiction.  As anyone trying to walk on ice will tell you).  Friction is also apparently a good thing (a lack of  it means you will fall over and discover gravity) but I’m less sure of the details.

Two great laws of the universe.  However there is a third.  They don’t teach you this one at school but you gradually learn it as you go through life, recognising it when it rears its head.  Sometimes it makes you chuckle, sometimes you are bitterly resentful.  It is known by several names but I call it MURPHY’S LAW.  Have you met it?

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