It May Not be Fromage Frais, But is it Nonsense?

Did you know that a quark is a particle?  Or some such scientific notion.  I didn’t.  But apparently it is.  It’s something to do with the tiny tiddly bits that are even smaller then atoms.  I suggest you look elsewhere rather than here  however if you want to find out more.  Physics isn’t my strong suit.

I did know what Quark was though.  I was quite secure in my knowledge, it’s the kind of thing that I would know about.  I may not know much in the science fields but I am quite good at food.  Quark is an ingredient.  It’s a cheesy thing, a bit like fromage frais.  It’s quite hard to get hold of and I’ve never cooked with it.   That much was my knowledge of Quark until I discovered that they’ve appropriated the word for some mind boggling miniscule quantity of tiny.

Hmm.  Maybe that does tally a little bit with the one other thing I know about Quark.  Apparently the Germans also use the word for nonsense.

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