The Promise of Spring

Yellow and Red Tulip

This seems to be a very on trend subject right about now.  Maybe it’s the time of year.  I have been planning to write this post a few times now but I keep getting thwarted by some pretty nasty changes in the weather.  So here goes, if it’s still raining, oh well!

Spring and autumn are both such transitory, fleeting seasons that seem to be here yesterday and gone today.  There’s so much to see and experience and yet it’s still too easy to miss it.  Especially when you’re trying to get out of doors with your camera to record it, nope, gone, missed, you’ll have to wait for another year, sorry.  Although they have all that in common, spring however feels a much more hopeful, promising time of year.  Maybe it’s because however wonderful an autumn we may have you still know that winter doom and gloom is just a corner away.

Spring is a promise.  Everything is fresh and new.  It’s a hopeful season.  The sunshine comes out again.  It’s warmer (a friend and I spent a good long time the other day discussing whether the sun is technically warmer or not come the spring; scientific evidence seems to conclude not so maybe it’s something to with angles or some other technical thingymegum).

We don’t have a car so we get stuck in town most of the time.  The urban environment is not the most inspiring place to savour the seasons but the changes are definitely there.  Our local council has an obsession with early daffodils so great swathes of yellow have been drowning the road verges since early February, even January in some places (they tried an even earlier variety a few years ago but as there was public outrage after the confusing scandal of the daffodils appearing in November it’s not a stunt that’s been repeated).  However real nature is definitely catching up, the trees and plants are budding and the proper seasonally timed bulbs are poking their heads up.  The world is green again.

The other day however I got to out into the countryside with a friend.  It was a proper spring day.  There was blossom in the orchards, fresh and dainty, pink and white.  The bright early bulbs were blooming in the hedgerows and the flowerbeds of various cottages and houses along the roadside.  There were catkins and pussy willows in the trees.  There were cute little lambkins prancing in the green fields.  It was gloriously warm and sunshine-y.  Spring is here!

Even I, the dedicated weather cynic, couldn’t deny it.  Spring was definitely fully underway.  However, it’s a little premature.  This is still March however.  My system can’t cope with having to lose socks and boots this early in the year but even I was lured into sandals (well, you have to admit that it saves an awful lot of time in the morning).  I tried to keep the coat (after all who’s stupid enough to go out in March without a coat?!) but I had to shed it very quickly in the warmth.  It’s crazy!

After that we had rain and gloom every other day for a week.  So maybe I needed to be cynical.  Then last week I started to think about writing this post again after we had consistent sunshine and warmth for the whole week.  No rain for a week is pretty unheard of round here!  But then it rained.  We’d gone out on Saturday, borrowing a car for the day, and coming back on the motorway that evening, boy did it rain!  We must have had our week’s ration of rain in less than an hour.  We’ve rarely seen rain that heavy; the traffic automatically slowed to fifty, there was a sea of water on the carriageways, the rain was spewing out from under the wheels of every vehicle in a constant white stream, a constant barrage of water poured down the windows, so much for spring!

It still seems a little undecided.  But it does seem like spring is here, some days feeling appropriately seasonal for March and other times as though we’ve accidentally strayed into June.  A very nice June at that.

In any case, the new year is definitely underway.  So what to do with it?


3 thoughts on “The Promise of Spring

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  1. Of course I’ve never been to your part of the world, but I thought rain was what spring was all about, in places that have seasons anyway. Snow in winter. Sun in summer. Rain in between. No?

    Your description of the rainy weather is beautiful. I could really picture it and to be honest, as an occasional thing and not the norm? It sounded kind if nice. Where I live, Oakland, California, we rarely have weather at all. Just 60 and “eh!” most days.

    1. Nah, we’re not keen on the rain despite the fact it’s the national topic of conversation. It’s what they call a ‘temperate’ climate which means it can and does rain all year round but it’s also a bit like San Francisco where you can expect any type of weather or season at various points during the day and from one hill to the next. It keeps you on your toes and gives you something to complain about! Thanks for commenting. ;)

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