What’s Your Glass Like?

The world seems to divide into two camps: the optimists and the pessimists.  Which are you?  Why?

Sometimes it’s because of our life experiences.   Sometimes we can’t see how a situation can ever change, that run of bad times just seems never ending and can you really risk dreaming?  Sometimes dreams can be heartbreaking and soul-destroying.  Or do you have the strength to go on hoping and dreaming?

You’re far braver and stronger than I can ever be.

I don’t want to get disappointed, or hurt.  If I set my sights low then I’m safe.  No disappointments, no hurt.  (It’s rarely that simple is it though?)  I know that all a hundred and one major disasters will happen on my holiday and when they don’t, anything above that is gonna be a bonus.  It’ll snow.  So it’s rains, well that’s better than snow.  Pessimism has kept my slightly more sane and safe but sometimes it can make the world very limited.

So do I dare to dream?  Do I embrace the fact that anything could happen tomorrow, including the good?  Do I dare to hope that things are going to go well again in the future?  The future, not a future.  Concrete and tangible, not a fantasy neverworld.  A future that might just be around the corner.

My glass has been empty.  Maybe it’s time to start filling it.

After all it can be something of a vicious circle.  You have to be optimistic, you have to dream, you have to believe, you have to take the risk for good things to happen.  Usually good things happen because you are in control of yourself and your life, because you’re proactive and seeking the good times.  If you sit around waiting for things to happen, then you’re just drifting and your life is in other hands.  If you’re proactive and appreciative, you can find good times even when the going is tough and the world seems dark.

Today there is sunshine in my world.  I hope I can save a little and carry it with me.


2 thoughts on “What’s Your Glass Like?

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  1. If you are afraid to do anything, then nothing will happen. I try and see all of my “failures” or disappointments (and believe me there are many) as bench marks of all the times I at least tried. I don’t want to look back on my life and think, “If only” but relish in the knowledge that “I did”. Good or bad. There are no guarantees in life, but how wonderful to enjoy the journey as much as the destination. Good luck to you!

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