A Thought Machine

I know, I haven’t been around for a little while.  I’ve not been very well but more about that anon.  It doesn’t mean that I’ve stopped thinking.  I’m always thinking.  That leads me to the conclusion that I’m rather good at it.  However I’m not very good at doing anything with those thoughts.

As I’ve said before, it’s usually during the sleepless hours of night that I’m visited by all sorts of ingenious schemes and profound reflections.  It’s a time when I’d much rather be asleep and that’s my only interest.  Why would I want to try to make an effort to record or capture these fleeting moments of genius?  Far too much like hard work!

So they go, the brief moments of inspiration and relative genius, that are so easily lost to the sleep deprived confused fog of daily life which is my prominent mental state.

I need a machine: some sort of scary Mad Professor type of contraption that would attach helmet like to my cranium and generate my thoughts into a written format that could be saved and referred to later through spider like legs.  I suppose these days the octopus arms would plug into a computer rather than have to learn to write (which skill is easier, I’m not sure, that’s definitely a debate for another day).

It would transcribe my thoughts; sort of like those voice recognition programs that you can use to note take on your computer.  Ideally it would clear up some of the chaos and check my spelling and grammar for me at the same time.

It seems a pretty good idea.  You’d get semi coherent blog posts on a slightly more regular basis and I’d be able to catch up with all my backlog of correspondence just like that.  Does anyone want to have a go at making this machine for me and all the other cerebral ramblers who only have inspired moments during the insomniac darkness of night?

Mind you, it could be a little scary to see what my brain cells came up with during the course of a night.


2 thoughts on “A Thought Machine

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  1. That would be pretty awesome actually. What I need is a voice activated recording device in my car, kind of like the way a blue tooth phone connection works. That way while I’m driving my million hours a week, I could be recording my thoughts when they popped in to my head! Hmmm….sounds my next project. : )

    1. Hmm, sounds like the old fashioned dictaphones that used to be around. Bluetooth is far too modern for me, it could just be a nasty dental condition! Thanks for commenting again. :)

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