Conspiring Against Me

Now, I’m just not going to have it when you tell me that computers and the like are just plain old inanimate objects who are incapable of conspiring against their users.  I don’t believe it.  I won’t believe it.  And I have the proof.

The photo editing program I use doesn’t seem to like me very much.  Or maybe it’s just possessed with a unique and challenging sense of humour.  I don’t know but it is definitely not making my life very easy.  I am on to it though and now every time I do the minutest thing in that program I know that I am going to have to check that it is saving the file the way I create it.  It’s out to get me.  It can change settings of its own volition.

I have stumbled across a few of its pranks and am slowly managing to work out what its doing to change my careful labours.  However it’s very hard to know how something has changed if you haven’t changed it yourself.

I know that when I create a watermark it is very sensitive to the settings I use and will quite happily choose its own as default.  The whys and wherefores of such choices it has never explained to me.  The watermark just randomly appears ever so slightly differently on various images.  Annoying, bemusing, frustrating.  I have the upperhand now (don’t tell it though, please) because I have found those settings that it likes to play around with and I now change them every time I use my watermark to what I want.  So far, so good.  But I am aware that it could all change tomorrow when this sentient program finds something else to meddle with.

It does have another trick up its sleeve (well, if a computer program can be animate and conspiring then I’m pretty sure it can also have a sleeve) when it comes to watermarks.  It can make them disappear.  Oh yes.  This does my swede.  There is no rhyme, no reason.  I carefully draw out my watermark and save the file.  Excellent.  Job done.  I go to use the file and POOF!  The watermark is no longer in existence.  Aaagh!  At best I have to open the file and redo the entire watermark.  Bizarrely when I have the file open and check its layers, it will quite happily inform me that there is a watermark present.  I don’t get this.  So I delete the current watermark which the program has magically rendered invisible and try again.  Most of the time, the new watermark stays put.  Why?  I have no idea.  It’s very time consuming and stressful though.

I have also (possibly) sussed why it makes the files from two different cameras different sizes.  I’ll give that one a little more time before I declare myself the winner.

However I cannot suss why it sometimes (it’s the sometimes that gets me most) chooses to completely change the created date when I save a file as a particular file type.  It favours sometime in December 2009.  Of course then I can’t find the file for ages and wonder what on earth has happened.  My folders are sorted by date created so that’s completely mucked up.

I’m sure that there’s far more tricks that this wretched program could come up with, I’m just grateful that I stick to a few tried and tested processes and don’t go in for the full range of wizardry that it offers.  It seems to have developed its own for just the most basic of processes anyway.

It seems too that I spend more time trying to work out what the program is doing of its own accord than actually doing what I need to do, so much for this technology making our lives and workflow easier.  Also, I object to it being cleverer than me.


I'd love to know what you think, concrit is especially welcomed on fiction pieces. Thank you.

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