Different Generation, Different Technology, Different Language

One of my youngest friends was sitting the other day, scribbling away at her magnetic sketching board.  When I was her age, or older in fact, they were rare as anything, virtually unheard of.  Now they’re as common as anything and every child seems to have at least one.

Despite the chunky, pixellated, gritty images these things are something of a marvel.  They’re never going to make me into an artist (actually, I don’t think that there is anything that can work that kind of miracle) but I love the instant-ness of them and then whoosh (a slightly sticky whoosh most of the time), it all disappears.

However they maybe aren’t quite as magical to this generation as they were to ours.

This little mite looks up and announces:  “I’m drawing on my iPad*.”

Different generation, different technology, different language.

* Yes I do try to avoid product references but the whole punchline of my post depended on this one!  It just didn’t sound right when I wrote fruit-themed tablet.  And I’m also pretty sure that lots of you, like me, would go tablet-pill-medicine on first take anyway.


2 thoughts on “Different Generation, Different Technology, Different Language

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  1. No way!! How funny that we both touched on the same topic. It’s amazing, isn’t it, what kids understand in the way of technology. Good gawd, I remember when Etch-e-sketch was cutting edge.

    What a clever post … with a fantastic punch line, well worth the product reference. :)


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