Where are You?

I wasn’t originally going to take up this week’s prompt from Write on Edge, maybe I was wussing out a little.  I’m a little afraid of being afraid.  But I’m starting to like these challenges and the prompt mulled around in my head for a good while.  I went to sleep on a vague idea, one that I wasn’t too sure about, and when I woke it seemed like a good idea to have a ‘stab’ at it.

So here goes, a text message eliciting or expressing fear.  It’s not written in any shorthand either, which was also another completely different challenge!  Oh, and just to warn you all that it may be TRIGGERING.

I know you wanted some space & to ‘clear your head’ but I’ve not heard from you all day & am very worried. Promise me you’re OK?

Red Writing Hood - A Writing Meme

(As an aside, I drafted this on my mobile (so hard because I kept going to abbreviate everything) to get the character count (I’m twelve wee characters over according to my phone, oops!) then got my husband’s reaction.  He wanted to know who I was sending it to and what had happened, worry and concern were how he described his reaction.  Is that close enough to fear?)


43 thoughts on “Where are You?

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  1. It� s all about looking for your prospective book buyers where you haven� t looked before, and connecting with them.

  2. I love how you described your thought and writing process for this. When I worry about someone, it is scary for me. Especially one of my kids, and that’s where you took me with this. Glad you linked up.

    1. I think that’s what’s been so interesting about reading everyone’s different responses to this prompt, we all react differently to the various scenarios presented depending on our own experiences and fears. I guess scariness is a very subjective experience! :)

  3. there is definitely worry but depending on the situation, you could see the fear from the sender.

    I was very tempted to use shorthand too, for authenticity but stuck to full sentences :)

  4. I’m afraid of being afraid too…It’s really scary though sometimes when u text someone and they don’t reply, u starting thinking theeee worst things.

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