Weekly Socks

I’ve noticed a trend in men’s socks: the need for the days of the week to be emblazoned across the leg of the sock.  I’ve never seen any socks like this for women (but don’t get me started on the ditzy slogans that are far too common on those).  Nor even for children who you’d suppose to be the principal demographic for learning the days of the week.

So my biggest question is why?

Are sock manufacturers somehow supposing that men generally can’t remember the days of the week?  Are there men out there sitting in offices and workplaces who surreptitiously tweak up their trouser legs so they can confirm the day before saying anything?  Or is it because men are almost universally stereotyped to be domestically challenged and therefore require some kind of prompt that they should have changed their socks three days ago as it’s now Thursday and they’re still wearing a slightly fousty Monday?

Then there is another slight issue with these sock designs that has me even more bemused.  It kind of throws the above theories for a bit of a loop.  You see there are only usually five pairs of socks in the pack.  Yes, five.  This only allows for the days Monday through to Friday.  I have never seen Saturday or Sunday socks.

So, do men not wear socks at the weekend?


8 thoughts on “Weekly Socks

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  1. I’ve never seen men’s socks with the days of the week on them. How weird. Since at least one sock a wash load disappears, my husband would have mismatched socks every day. I don’t think he could cope. Glad I’ve never seen those socks. As for the women’s panties with the days of the weeks on them, those have been around since forever!

  2. Perhaps, if they could, men would forgo dressing at all on the weekend!

    Women’s panties printed with the days of the week are available in a seven pack. This is even more mindboggling. For sure, no one is lifting their skirt to remind them what day it is. Or are they? Hmmm….

  3. The visual of a man pulling up the leg of his trousers to check the day of the week is a funny one. I had not heard of days of the week socks. I suppose the mystery as to why there are no Saturday and Sunday labeled socks is similar to the mystery as to why there is no underwear labeled Sunday. Things that make you say “Hmmmmm…”

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