Get Your Kicks

It was a catchy song, always had been, but they’d never heard it before.  The kind of song you can tap your feet to.  Or click your fingers.  Or whistle or hum.  Or sing again and again.  They played it one more time before drawing out a map unearthed from a forgotten corner of the bookshelf, unfolding its creases carefully.

It winds from Chicago to LA.  More than two thousand miles all the way.

The crossing of a continent by a now barely existent ribbon, nonexistent on this map at least.  Their fingers touched the paper, tentatively.  Then they bowed their heads over, focusing on the small places names dotted here and there, humming and part singing lines of the song, trying to recall all the place names mentioned.  Slowly their fingers traced a journey over the worn paper.

Get your kicks …

A nostalgic technicolour vision of history loomed, like mental postcards with neon lights.  Diners, architecture, cars, desert, railroads …  It was enticing, like the silk laden and spice scented promise of an Eastern bazaar to some travellers, but now they had a different dream, a different pilgrimage calling to them.

They ran the lyrics through one more time, more confidently tracing the rough path across the flat, limited scope of the map.  The places were becoming familiar.

Saint Louis.  Joplin.  Oklahoma City.  Amarillo.  Flagstaff.  Winona, don’t forget Winona.  Kingman.  Barstow.  San Bernardino.

A little more dreaming, a little more research, a little more planning.

It was time to get their kicks on Route 66.

This week’s Red Writing Hood Prompt was ‘Soundtrack of Our Words’, ‘to find the song that will be played during the pivotal scene in the movie based on your magnum opus. With that song playing, write that pivotal scene – it’s your choice whether you write it as a screen play or as it’s played out in your novel.’

Now I don’t dream of ‘making it big’ so I’ve just created a scene with a soundtrack, or perhaps actually a scene based around a soundtrack.  Oh and I’ve listened to it an awful lot more times than the suggested three or four, more than the ‘just enough listening to allow the song to become a stronger part of us without driving us crazier than we already are’.  Crazy but closer to the word count than I usually am!

Write On Edge: Red-Writing-Hood


24 thoughts on “Get Your Kicks

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  1. I saw “kicks” and immediately thought of this song on the radio right now that totally gives me earworm…”all the little kids/with the pumped up kicks/better run from my gun/ faster than my bullets…”

    It is the stickiest song ever!

    But thinking of Route 66 makes me drool, thinking of all of the cool little diners along the way…

  2. My boys are big Cars fans, although my older one pretends he’s too cool for it. But he’s not too cool for this song. He requests it all the time.

  3. This is really cute. I love the images you invoke throughout, and then the journey you take us on quickly at the end. Great song, too!

  4. I adored this sentence: “It was enticing, like the silk laden and spice scented promise of an Eastern bazaar to some travellers, but now they had a different dream, a different pilgrimage calling to them.” That is so evocative, it immediately put a picture in my head.

    I have always wanted to get my kicks on Route 66. Maybe one day…

  5. You made me want to go on such a road trip!! Your words really conveyed the excitement, the longing for an adventure, the “anything is possible” kind-of-vibe that usually precedes such an experience. Fun, fun, fun! LOVE it!

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