What it Means to be Tired

I know I say I get tired.  Everybody gets tired.  Sometimes it’s even a pleasant, positive thing in your life, yes?  Well, ME tired hits you completely differently.  Sometimes even I don’t realise how much I’m being affected by it.  Here’s some examples of when it hits you just how tired you are:

  • You open a well-known reference source that you use all the time and either your mind is completely blank as to where to look (think of desperately trying to recall something as basic and familiar as your ABCs) or your mind calmly sends you to the wrong end (think of ending up in R when you looking up something under F).
  • You may not be the world’s best singer but I think the song test is a very good way of telling just how badly ME has hit you, play a song, make it something you know really well, a favourite even.  Now trying singing to it.  Never mind tune, it’s impossible to form your words in time and you end up sounding like a tape recorder running out batteries.
  • You can do the same with your second language, the problems are even more noticeable when it’s  not your mother tongue.  Never mind singing in time, if you have to concentrate on saying anything with an accent and correct pronunciation, you’re gonna suck.  If the words even come to your mind.
  • You can’t explain things or give instructions or directions, the words don’t just won’t come in the right order and the more technical it is, the more the words disappear into the cotton wool.
  • You can’t move in time with music, although admittedly you were never much of a dancer before.  Now you’re like a wooden robot with lead boots, if you can coax your body into a move then it’s normally by the time that everyone else is five moves down the line.  I find that line dancing is the most challenging because it’s based on standing not moving, I can line dance (albeit fairly badly due to my own natural limitations) best when sitting down.

ME sucks.


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