OK, now I’m sure I’ve given you an earworm!  (Thanks for sharing that one, Coming East!)

Now, I hear a lot about RESPECT.  It’s become an important word in street culture.  Although they seem to forget that respect isn’t just automatic, you do have to earn it.

There are three classes of respect:

The automatic kind.  The kind you give to every living thing.

The position kind.  The kind you give to someone with a title that your culture says gets treated a certain way because of it.

The earnt kind.  The kind you give to someone who you’ve got to know and who you choose to respect because they deserve it.

It’s one of the crimes that’s been regularly levelled against me, I’m disrespectful.  I’ve heard it for years, the greater percentage of my life.  Usually about some ‘authority’ figure like my father or my husband.  Always accused by some ‘grown up’, a wife who ‘wears the trousers’ at home.

Apparently respectful means agreeing with the so-called authority figure all the time, whatever they say goes, they are never wrong.  Kowtowing at every opportunity and more besides.

Er, excuse me?  I thought that was called sucking up but maybe I got confused.

Respect means knowing your own mind too, you know?

So when I joke about disrespectfully disagreeing with my husband, I am just joking.  I respect him in the full old-fashioned sense but as sure as heck, I’m gonna tell him when I think differently and especially when I think/know he’s wrong.


3 thoughts on “R E S P E C T

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  1. Your three types of respect are spot on. And you should always speak your mind…with kindness and respect, of course. But I have found when *my* husband disagrees with me and can’t get me to agree with him, too – that’s when he pulls the lack of respect card.

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