Seeing Spots

It’s taken a little while, I lose my knitting buzz every so often, most of the time it’s because I’m too tired to concentrate and for yarn wrestling but I’ve finished my latest project.

I found it in a new knitting magazine called Knit Now and it’s a hot water bottle cover designed by Brenda Castiel called Jelly Bean.  Now I may have limited skills but I did make a few alterations to the colour scheme and I chose to knit in DK acrylic from my stash as it was the same tension.

Instead of the funky bold colours in the pattern, I knitted it up in a two colour scheme, purple and red.  The colours I want in my bedroom!  I’ve never seen a hot water bottle cover knitted up from the bottom before either, most of the patterns I’ve seen rely on a sort of envelope/cushion opening about halfway up the back and I’ve knitted two of those before.

Oh and it was knitted in the round.  Yes, in the round!  This is the very first project that I’ve knitted in the round so that was a little bit scary.  I did twist it but it doesn’t really notice because of the drawstring opening, or at least that’s what I’m going to tell myself.  I found the first section of ribbing particularly difficult but I do struggle with 1×1 rib anyhow, my head can’t keep up with that quick a pattern change unfortunately and it has a little wonky patch on the neck too but thankfully on the first half where it’s hidden under the roll back.  But then I’ve never kidded myself that I’m a first class knitter!

So apart from these wee technical hitches (oh, and two small holes either side of the ‘neck’ where I picked up the stitches but they were easily darned) that were entirely of my own making I’m sure, how did it turn out?

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  5. It looks fantastic! I lost my knitting buzz a couple of years ago, not even halfway through a pair of mittens… hope it comes back like yours has! Love the colors you used here.

    Thanks for stopping by Raising Humans yesterday!

  6. Great job! I used to knit many, many years ago and have forgotten how, but I want to take it up again this year. I wonder how I’ll fit that in with my writing, tutoring, violin practicing, piano playing, and volunteering. Oh, and I supposed to clean house and cook, too? Seriously?

  7. That’s adorable! I’ve always wanted to know how to knit, and when I see something like this that somebody has brought to life by hand, I firm up my resolve to learn some time BEFORE I lose my eyesight!

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