Three Two One

It was dark.  The last day of the last month of the last year.  It was probably raining but it wasn’t worth climbing up to the window to see out.  The last minutes were passing rapidly.  Perhaps it was time to start fiddling with the radio.

Brittle plastic and awkward knobs, the radio was old and needed persuading to tune to a station, crackle and music.

Tinned food stockpiled, first aid kit to hand.  Bunkered down in blankets.  The world was going to come crashing to an end.

That would serve all the fools right for trusting in this technology, they’d given over their lives to it, sold their souls and now it was too late.

It was safer in the dark but the matches and candles were to hand.

A voice on the radio.  A countdown.

Three, two, one…

Braced, tense.  What would happen?  Explosion or a grinding to a halt?

Silence then the first fireworks shot overhead.

The voice on the radio continued.


The world went on.

Wondered what the fuss had been about.

This week we asked you to write a piece of fiction or creative non-fiction about a countdown, starting with “Three, two, one.”

It could be about anything – New Year’s Eve, gathering your nerve, disciplining your kids. We wanted you to use your imagination and have fun with it.

Write On Edge: Red Writing Hood - A Writing Meme


I went for abstract this week and managed to get in beautifully under the word count, 177.  It’s got to be a miracle!


25 thoughts on “Three Two One

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  1. Nice Job! There’s just something about a countdown that makes people think of bombs and other things that go boom. I also thought of Y2K – and my boss at the time, who was pretty sure the world was going to end. It was SO hard to go into work and not rub her nose in that! LOL

  2. Great, tight writing. I really thought the description of the radio was a perfect fit here; it seems to be a tangible reminder of something older than the feared technology. There was such an uproar about that countdown, and then nothing. I like that you captured it here.

  3. This is so great! Love how efficient your writing is. Just enough to draw me in. Really like your writing style. It brought me back to that time -Y2K. So true, what was the big fuss all about anyway?

    Good stuff!

  4. It was dark. The last day of the last month of the last year. Y2K was a bit of a fizzle. There are always kooks who get ready for the end of the world. This soul seemed not to be Too, disappointed, just prepared. A great take on the prompt

  5. I did enjoy the uncertainty. I felt like I could be anywhere, listening to that radio. Then, when the fireworks went off, I felt, for an instant, like the fourth of July. Then, when the listener wasn’t elated, I thought ‘maybe not fireworks after all’. I want to know more! (And isn’t that the perfect place to end?)

  6. This was great! Lots of great lines here, and this was one of my favorites-

    “Brittle plastic and awkward knobs, the radio was old and needed persuading to tune to a station, crackle and music.”

    It’s so descriptive-and really captures that sense of everything winding down.

    This piece reminds me of New Year’s Eve 1999, and all the Y2K speculation. The new year came…and nothing happened!

    Great writing!

I'd love to know what you think, concrit is especially welcomed on fiction pieces. Thank you.

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