Being Led Astray

There is a little problem with blogging and meeting all those other bloggers out there in that virtual universe and that is influence.  Since blogging I’ve learnt a lot from all those varied blogs, met different ways of doing things and been tempted by all sorts of yummy recipes.  But the influence that you other bloggers have on me has been particularly strong of late:

Thanks to Pajama Days, I signed up for Write on Edge prompts and met even more fantastic bloggers and writers who very kindly take the time to bear with me and my wordy prose.  I am now obsessed with checking out the website and writing new posts in time to the deadlines.  Still working on the whole word count thing though, as you know.

Then Attic24 wrote a post telling about her slow cooker and the yummy food that she was cooking in it.  And that got me to thinking and then hankering.  A device that allows you to chuck the ingredients in, ignore it all day, uses precious little electricity and then produces something warm and yummy smelling just when you need it most seemed a very good idea indeed.  So after a little hankering, some research and a lot of persuading the other half into it (he has an unfortunate phobic reaction to the word ‘stew’) we now have a certain appliance sitting proudly on our limited work surface.  It won the vote when we had to go out all day earlier in the week and I coaxed hubby into chucking all the ingredients for a chili into it before we left.  Coming home to a hot meal was very much appreciated.  No cooking, yay!

Oh and the biggest bad example of all, Jester Queen.  For her sake and her sake alone, I have dabbled in this new electric book technology.  And found myself well and truly hooked.  I am now making my way through the free books with the appetite of a very gluttonous book-worm.

I’ve also signed up to Ravelry and another blogger has inspired me to go out and buy another hot water bottle and knit a cosy just for that, but more about that to follow!

Now whether that’s all a good thing or not, I’ll leave that up to you!

I'd love to know what you think, concrit is especially welcomed on fiction pieces. Thank you.

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