Can You Guess What it is Yet?

(If the rest of the international community of bloggers don’t recognise the expression, it’s a popular catchphrase).

I’ve got a new project on my needles.  Yes, those very expensive, luxury needles I talked about before.  And yes, it’s in acrylic.  An expensive acrylic too.  My sweet husband chose it because research on Ravelry shows that although this pattern indicates a plain yarn, a variegated yarn really looks best.  Thank you to all those wonderful knitters who share their creations with the rest of the world.

The first problem that I encountered is that all my stitch/row counters are in use.  I have two fun clicky ones.  (Yes I do have too many projects on the go.  Ask my husband).  So I had to use a twisty one, you know the type?  They require you to put your knitting down at the end of each row and give it your undivided attention.  You also have to remember to increase the tens after every nine.  I forget.  Then I get confused when I’m ten rows behind where I thought I was.  Or worse, twenty.  I read the numbers backwards too, which means I can get very confused sometimes.  The very first row becomes number 6.  Huh?!  Oh.  I twisted the wrong one.  That’s a nine.  Sigh.

I thought I was doing quite well with it, might even have it done by the end of the week.  Ah, unbridled and foolhardy optimism.  If I don’t put it down and forget it about of course, which is why it’s very brave of me to declare that I have a project on the go here. I had of course read the pattern through before casting on, you know, as you do, the kind of read through which means casually skimming over it to make sure that there’s nothing too alien or scarily complicated happening.  Does anyone read the pattern through religiously before they start?  Am I meant to?  Hmm.  Oh well.

I did notice, whilst knitting not skimming, that after row 80 it stopped counting.  Now 80 rows is quite a lot when your counting skills and attention span are as limited as mine.  Not a problem.  I mean most patterns don’t count all the rows and you just have to knit until a mysterious ‘work measures X cm’.  That scares me, I’m never quite sure if I’m stretching it too much or too little.  I’d rather have rows actually at least then I know that I’m in the right place, roughly.  So even if after doing 80 rows of increasing you have to do the same amount of decreasing, that’s what?  Not too bad probably, not too different to working until a certain measurement, you’re just counting the rows instead.  Different sort of counting.

I was coping.  Making good progress, keeping optimistic.  Keeping an eye on the devious behaviour of my counter.  Then I saw a little instruction.  You know, just after that all important row 80.  Optimism flew away faster than you can say ‘bullet’.  Wheezy breathing commenced.  Just a minor detail.  Between the increases and the decreases, there’s a ‘Rep rows 79 and 80 30 more times’.  Yes, THIRTY more times.  This thing is going to be a lot bigger than I was planning.  It looks kinda small and cute in the photos.  Now it’s a monster.

Oh wait.  I’ve just done some more maths.  Hang on, just need to try to breathe.  If it says that about TWO rows, then I need to do them BOTH THIRTY more times, which involves multiplication.  That’s SIXTY rows.  OK, definitely not breathing.  Definitely not going to have it finished by the end of the week.  Sigh.

If and when I finish this project I’ll let you know but here’s what it looks like at the moment at row 63 (or 39 when I look quickly):

Can You Guess What it is Yet? - Green Triangular Piece of Knitting in Stocking and Moss Stitch

Can you guess what it is yet?!


5 thoughts on “Can You Guess What it is Yet?

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  1. I don’t knit, and probably won’t start now that I know that patterns are like those print outs of directions- after pages of detail you think you must be nearly there until you get to the point where it says ‘take a left turn and drive for 90 miles’ Aaagh.

    1. Hehe, it’s not too bad most of the time and I mainly stick to smaller patterns. I like your comparison however, maybe patterns and directions both should be read through thoroughly before starting out! :)

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