One Little Bottle

Remember a little while ago I said that I’d been inspired to go out and buy another hot water bottle?  Well that was because somehow I stumbled across this blog post.  (You know how you sometimes take these crazy zigzag journeys across the internet?)  Isn’t that cute?

I was inspired!

I trotted into town (yes, this was a while ago before I was proper poorly) to acquire my object of desire.  I had a few musings and came up with a design which I’ve tested a few samples of.  Then my husband took a shine to my new wee bottle so we had to go get another one later.  They’re going to be perfect for camping and days out!

I wanted to work his up first because it was a simpler design.  (Does that sound mean?!)  It was straight stocking stitch for the most part with four rows of 1×1 rib.  It took a couple of tries to get the right number of stitches cast on, I ended up with forty-one for the rib and then forty-two for the main section.  It looked so tiny when it was done but it fits pretty good, I think.

It’s knitted in one piece so I just needed to fold it in half and sew up the one side seams and the two shoulder seams.  Before it was sewn up, it looked like two hot water bottle shapes side by side.  I worked it in stocking stitch until it was tall enough then at the top I worked four decreases (k and ptogs) on both a knit and a purl row, two of those in the middle for when you fold it in half.  This gave it a nice rounded corner on the ‘shoulders’.  I then cast off six stitch sections for each of the shoulder seams (four in total), leaving two eight stitch sections in the middle of each ‘half’ for the neck.  (Do I make sense?!)  Then I increased each of those neck sections up to fifteen stitches before working a further twenty rows in 1×1 rib.

I sewed up the seams then made up a small patch of honeycomb stitch (it’s made using just knit, purl and slip stitches so nothing too complicated but it is very effective) in white from a stitch guide in a back issue of a Simply Knitting magazine.  I sewed it on top and bottom so he can snuggle his hands inside!  The honeycomb was a perfect stitch choice because it came up lovely and stretchy.

Et voilà!

Small Blue Hottie Cover with Honey Patch in WhiteThis is the little snuggle pocket:

Hand Warmer Patch in Honeycomb StitchYou can see from that photo just how small the mini water bottles are!

Tucked Neck of Mini Hot Water BottleAnd from the Made by Joanne post, I also took the idea of tucking the ‘neck’ inside the bottle so it makes the bottle a little more discreet.  This hot water bottle is actually dark blue which is kind of perfect for the colour scheme I knitted it up in.  Mine is a dark green which doesn’t really ‘go’ with my intended colour scheme but I’m not worried.  You can’t expect little old me to accessorise and be perfectly coordinated all the time after all!

I’m going to add a white twisted cord to draw the bottom together, inspired by the pattern I used for my spotty hot water bottle cover but that needs two people so it’ll have to wait until hubby is around!

I did my first four rows of ribbing perfectly.  Then I managed to get my eyelets worked just as perfectly.  So I was just waiting for it all to go pear-shaped.  I don’t think it did at any point.  Even on the longer sections of ribbing, I didn’t mess up so maybe I’ve finally conquered 1×1 rib!  I was also pleased with the quality of my sewing up, I can’t sew for toffee.  But it’s done and I’m pleased with this one!  (The new Knit Now magazine has really improved my confidence).

Oh, what I found really funny is that these mini bottles are from the pound store.  But you can find them in the gift shops in really poor acrylic jackets from about £7!  Hmm.


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