I Shoot

I think there’s a well-known book title that plays with this very grammatical problem.  Is it grammatical?  It’s a homonym anyway, I know that much.  So yes, I shoot.  And yes, I do sometimes get funny looks when using this verb.

I’ve also decided that in this modern climate it’s best to be fairly cautious when using the verb in public places such as monuments and other places which are patrolled by overly sensitive security officials, especially as I have a tendency to bellow instructions to my fellow photographer to go and shoot such and such.  Public photographing is not always welcomed anyway anymore; never mind making such a wee faux pas whilst at it.

It’s also quite good fun when you add a person’s name to the end of the phrase.  That one does make me smile (and is sometimes mixed with a shot of evil satisfaction).  And definitely earns funny looks.  So yes, I shoot.  What about you?  What or who do you shoot?

4 thoughts on “I Shoot

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  1. What or who do I shoot…for me, a loaded question, no pun intended. I am a “shootist”, not just with camera-in-hand.

    As a photographer, I prefer my old workhorse Nikon to help me grab candid shots of people, or things, capturing their best, or worst. And, I am always careful not to test the waters of someone’s privacy with my shots.

    But, as a competitive firearms shooter, my focus is always on a target.

    So, when someone asks if I shoot, I smile and tell them I’m packing both a .38 and a 35.

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