Sleeping Beauty

I was Born to Love You (graffitti)

I see you lying there, beatific, with a sleep softened face, innocent and childlike, one hand clasping the covers softly and my heart soars.

If we had a choice, this would be one of the moments that I’d choose for my life and for my love to be made of.  If we had a choice, this would be one of my handpicked beads on my necklace of both love and life.

In this moment, all is forgiven.  I forget the night-long snoring, snuffling, muttering, squeaking and bubble blowing, I forget the regular duvet snatches and elbows to my cranium.  In this moment, I love you.

It is with love I look down at you tenderly, wondering at how you sleep through anything and everything, marvelling at your easy, peaceful repose then apply a well-aimed poke to your ribs and a strident call in your ear.

 Love also has principles and a sense of duty.  It’s jolly well time that you got up.


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