Is Anonymity Deception?

The Internet is easily painted in broad, dark strokes.  A place of concealment, deception and fraud.  It is a place that is out to get you and your family, especially your children.

Does that mean then that I am a threat?

I post on this blog anonymously.  I like the anonymity; paradoxically it means that I can be myself.

Does that mean that I am being deceitful?

Or is it only deception when you set out to deceive, when you have something to hide?

I don’t think I’m deceitful; I just like to have my life separated into its different compartments, into my different roles or hats.  I am open and honest but I like the comfort of being nameless, of just being taken for my words rather than who I am to others.

What do you think of anonymous bloggers?  Are you one?

8 thoughts on “Is Anonymity Deception?

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  1. This post makes me pause. I haven’t really thought about being anonymous or not. I can see the value to it in some circumstances, but it’s never really been something I was particularly concerned about….until now:~)

    Truthfully, I think it depends on the reasons you blog. I have no problem with other bloggers choosing anonymity. I think it’s a personal choice a blogger makes. As the old saying goes, “some of my best blogging friends are anonymous.”

    This is what I like about blogging. You can be what you want online. I suppose there are dangers in this — we’ve seen them related to children online — but it’s part of our world now. I also believe you can sense things about people, even if you only know them through their written words. No matter what, some parts of the real person will always seep through. That’s my take.

    This was a very interesting post. Thanks:~)

    1. I’m glad that you found the post thought-provoking, our world has definitely changed and the challenges we face daily with it too. I love what you said about ‘some parts of the real person will always seep through’, that is so true, in the real world or on the internet. Thank you for visiting and commenting. :)

  2. I don’t think being anonymous automatically makes you deceptive. If you’re doing it to get away with something or to pull one over on someone, then obviously, that’s deceptive. But if you’re doing it to protect your privacy, or to free yourself up to be more honest, then it’s not deceptive. Honesty and deception can not co-exist.

  3. One must armour-up before coming into cyberspace, I think: I use a pseudonym. I consider it the very minimum I should do to keep myself and my family – about whom I blog – safe.

    1. Well that’s even more artful using a pseudonym rather than a moniker like mine! (In fact, I hadn’t actually realised!) It’s a delicate balance handling privacy and safety in this modern day and age isn’t it? Thank you for visiting. :)

  4. I think you value your privacy and my have security concerns. Blogging Dangerously is one of my favorite blogs, and Kit is the writer’s pseudonym. Why? Because she’s a businesswoman writing a SEX column. Nope, she doesn’t want that one cropping up in a job interview. There is freedom in anonymnity.

    Also, there’s no real REASON to reveal yourself unless you specifically want your blog connected to you in real life. Me? I’m using my blog as a platform. I want publishers and agents to be able to come to my website, see that I have been published and that I write obsessively, that I’m not afraid to put myself forward.

    You write to talk about a chronic illness. There’s fiction and knitting, but I don’t see those as the reasons you blog anonymously. I think you do so because you’re putting out something deeply personal and quite painful. (Physically and emotionally). It’s something you may not actually discuss with people who you see in real life. It’s something you may not want them to know, because you don’t want it to affect their perceptions of you.

    And I don’t have any problem with that, nor do I see where I would be entitled to having one. You’re not using your blog to hide behind some political platform or spread propaganda (people who do that ARE abusing anonymnity). You’re not doing it to lie. You’re doing it to tell the truth.

    And that, I believe, is admirable.

    1. Thank you for sharing your views, there is a freedom in anonymnity but also great confidence in knowing that you can be your true self in any context, I both envy and respect you for that. I think you hit the point exactly when you talk about using anonymnity to lie, that’s where the deception is. Thank you again, I really appreciated your comment. :)

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