Puking Your Guts Up

I was raised a good girl with my mother dreaming that I would make the transition into a young lady rapidly after turning ten.  That never happened; silly microscopic handbags, flouncy brown Austrian blinds, having my beloved cabin bed confiscated, a nasty nylon net curtain style bedcover all helped put me off the concept.  But in this ideal world in which we were raised, bodily functions didn’t happen, in fact, they just didn’t exist.  So I’m going to be rude and talk about the worse one.

Throwing up.

It is the most humiliating experience imaginable.  Actually, don’t even try and imagine it.  It’s not at all pleasant.

This is your body in revolt, conspiring against you at every muscle twitch, dry heave and projectile spewing.

I know the science behind the reaction but I always wonder why, why do we have to vomit?

It reduces you into a quivering, pathetic mass, probably more a blob, of humanity.  It feels bad and tastes nasty.  It’s absolutely exhausting, draining you of whatever little energy you didn’t really have left.

The only thing that you remain passionate about is whatever receptacle that you’re desperately clinging to, be it a plastic washing up bowl or the porcelain of the now beloved toilet.  Your eyes remain fixed on the target, tremulous at the idea of letting go and trying to find some rest.  Whilst you grip to this pitiable salvation, all will be well.  Or at least easier and cleaner.  Head slumped, eyes bleary, arms locked in a passionate embrace around the toilet bowl – it’s never going to be a good look.

A sip of water is all that can pass your cracked lips, one miserly sip at a time, bringing refreshment to your fouled mouth.  The foetid smell rises and clings to your very being.  Even when the evidence is disposed of, your martyr’s sign is still around your neck, proclaimed in the funk that follows you.  You shiver, weak all over from the effort and slightly dazed by the violence of your involuntary spasms.

I hate being sick.  It doesn’t happen too often, fortunately.  The very idea of it makes me feel miserable.  Nausea makes me hide under my duvet, frozen in a petrified immobility for fear of upsetting the balance further.  I am one of those wretched beings who are not blest with an early warning system.  If I start to think to myself, ‘I feel …’, then it’s too late.  Far too late.  The misery has commenced.

Throwing up is so undignified, one of the most degrading experiences of human life.  I recommend trying to avoid it as much as possible, you won’t enjoy it but you probably already know that.

19 thoughts on “Puking Your Guts Up

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  1. I had morning sickness so bad with both kids. There were a couple of times when it hit so hard and fast that I had time to turn away from the person I was speaking with (barely) and then throw up all over myself. Mor-Ti-Fying. But my favorite (not) moment was the time I actually made it to the toilet, flung the seat up and threw myself down to vomit only to have the seat BOUNCE off the back of the toilet and fly back down to smack me in the head. I went around for days with my morning-sick goose-egg.

  2. I go out or my way to make sure I won’t throw up. And fortunately, I haven’t in many, many years. It’s The. Worst.

    I have a friend who seems to have complete control over it. You’d think that with such a superpower, she too, would never throw up. But rather, she controls when she will. One year we were in Las Vegas for New Years and after “enjoying” a $200.00 dinner, she fought her way diagonally across a packed intersection on “the strip” a 6-8 lane roadway, through the casino, through the lobby, up the elevator and into our hotel room before she allowed herself to throw up, even though she knew at the dinner table she would “have to”.

    1. It seems that even people with such an amazing superpower still can only control the when (in a limited time frame too) but not stop it. We humans are powerless when it comes to throwing up. What a waste of a very expensive meal, I hope it tasted good at the time though! :)

      1. That’s the real kicker! She was so congested that she couldn’t taste a thing.

        Mine was delicious though! ;)

  3. Wow. Do I agree with this post. Nausea is the worst thing I can deal with regarding illness. I can handle the stuffy nose, the fevers, but make sick to my stomach. YUCK!

    I also agree about how we fight the desire to throw up so hard and yet, once we do we feel so much better. I suppose this nature’s way.

    You made me laugh about growing up at a time when bodily functions were NOT discussed. That was true of my family, as well:~)

    This is not a pleasant subject to write about, but you did a great job. Your descriptions were right on to my own remembrances of hugging the white toilet bowl. I wrote a fiction piece about this. Check it out sometime: http://sarahealy.com/index.php/2011/08/11/the-test/

I'd love to know what you think, concrit is especially welcomed on fiction pieces. Thank you.

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