Apologies and an ABC

I’ve been very quiet the last week or so I know.  Sometimes the real world clamours for attention too!  Sometimes you just have a bad week where there’s nothing creative simmering in your beleaguered brain cells.  (I think I have a few of those, honestly).  Sometimes you just have a bad week where you feel rotten in one way or another and retreat to the safety of your duvet.  (I think all three were applicable last week).

But out of all that rotten-ness?  Something amazing.  Like the proverbial honey.  In fact I did something amazing, although totally scary, I spoke up, told someone how I was feeling.  I’ve never, ever, ever done that before.  And I wasn’t judged.  But I did finally realise how exhausting it is living with the fear and threat of judgement all the time.  I realised that I am surrounded by some totally wonderful friends who I can trust and as a mark of appreciation, I spent Saturday making muffins for them all.  (I do that).

So I’m back and I don’t think I’m going to whinge anymore because I have another pressing matter to deal with.  In my absence, Celia of the Kitchens Garden blog (always prefixed with ‘lovely’ wherever you find her mentioned on another blog) awarded me an award!  I got a very immature, teenage-like thrill from this.  It’s like I’m ‘cool’ or ‘in’ or something!  (So sad, I know!)  The award is the ABC award which stands for Awesome Blog Content.  Now I would contend this anyway but the last post I wrote is the throwing up one so I’m not entirely sure about it at all!

ABC Award (Awesome Blog Content)

I’m very anxious about following the proper protocol for this so if I do get something a little wrong, please be kind!

Apparently first of all I have to thank the (lovely) Celia for honouring me with such an award.  And possibly I need to promise her and you some better content shortly too!

Then I have to nominate some other bloggers for the award whose work who you may wish to visit, this is the hardest part I think because there are so many amazing writers out there and I don’t want to hurt anyone’s feelings so here is just a sampling 0f some of my favourites for content:

  • Susan B Anderson who is a very accomplished knitter, amongst other incredible talents, and she inspires me regularly to try new techniques, to learn and expand, to be more confident with my skills;
  • Over at My Pajamas Days, I receive yet more inspiration but this time in terms of living life to the full, despite the towns, and amazing writing which is real, honest and beautiful;
  • Then Uprooted Magnolia always has a stunning image, or two, to share and makes me homesick for a place where I’ve never lived, the American West;
  • The one-of-a-kind Jester Queen I know will be thrilled to receive a nice, shiny award and her blog is chock full of fiction and humour.

(If you’re on the list and it isn’t your cup of tea then don’t worry, no one is going to get stuffy about it, it’s just a bit of fun with voluntary participation!)

Then I get to victimise you with my own alphabet of me, the idea of which is that you get to know me a little better (but that’s rather a haughty presumption that any of you’d be interested in getting to know me) so I’m going to get creative.  My alphabet will follow in a separate post because yet again I’m going to be a little verbose, it’s the getting started that I struggle with after all!


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  1. Yay! I AM thrilled. You’ve made a Monday in which I am struggling to figure out my new blog and all its ins and outs feel much less stressfull and awful! Yay! Oooh. ABCDEFG

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