A Picture of Confidence

Confidence is Knitting on DPNs

OK, now that might not look like a lot, photographs never do when you have a decided idea fixed in your head, do they?  But bear with me, I will explain.

I am a knitter of limited ability, it’s the maths usually and I am currently under ban from attempting garments (my husband got fed up of counting for me and there was a notable disaster).  There were other things too that I knew that I could never do, they would always be beyond me.

Well my confidence is growing.  Do you remember that spotty hot water bottle cover?  Well that was knitted on circular needles.  Yes, I know, circular, in the round!  I started reading a new knitting magazine back along which for some reason just works for me and has really built up my confidence to try new things.  Then of course there’s been Ravelry which is like a smorgasbord of amazing projects and ideas that just make you itch to try them out.  The other nice thing about Ravelry is seeing pictures of other people’s work, their FOs (finished objects as apposed to UFOs).  For someone who struggles to see their work in any positive way, it’s been a fascinating realisation that actually not everyone’s knitting is ‘perfect’.  (No offense intended of course!).  Pleasantly reassuring.  There are knitty and crafty bloggers too who have introduced me to other new ideas, making it all seem so realistically easy.  Naturally as your confidence grows so too does that spark that says ‘well I could have a go at that too’ instead of the Voice that says ‘don’t be stupid, you can’t do that’.

So when I saw this post on Susan B Anderson’s blog, that crazy little confident spark poked me and said ‘why don’t you have a go’.  Now circulars are one thing but DPNs?!  To knit in the round on double-pointed needles you need your work suspended on at least three needles whilst working with a fourth.  Yes, four needles in all.  This requires the yarn/hand/brain coordination of a higher species than me.  You then have to go in circles which is liable to make my brain (if there is one up there) dizzy.  And confused.  Very confused.  I think I’ve tried before and got myself in a right stressed out tizz.

So why would I listen to the little spark when the Voice knows so much better (it always does)?

I did though, I listened.  I took that little spark and I made that (that being the contents of the photo above).  It might not look much but that my friends is a picture of confidence.  Thank you for being part of my journey.


18 thoughts on “A Picture of Confidence

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  1. we are not worthy :)
    I couldn’t even begin to understand what’s going on there, but it reminds me of my granny knitting socks.

  2. Oh congratulations!! Not just on the knitting, but on following “the spark” vs. “the Voice.” I know exactly what you’re talking about, though I have different names for these elements (for me, the spark is “the little idea”–I like your term a lot better, actually, because it captures the association with light). The Voice–well, yes–the inner critic, surrogate for various adversaries, is clamorous, arrogant, and used to having its way with us. I applaud you for mentally reversing the capitalization by believing in the Spark, and ignoring the voice. All good things flow from that. (I also notice that at least temporarily disabling perfectionism was a precursor to this wonderful leap of faith.)

    1. For me it’s been a big step forward, thank you kindly. I always find it funny that in my crazy messed up world that I do battle with perfectionism, well done for noticing! :)

  3. It looks like you built it from the inside out! Can’t wait to see what it’s going to be. Someday, I will learn to knit (I think not while small people who would view my knitting needles as the perfect weapons, though).

    1. This was just a trial run but I’ve been able to use the technique on a few new projects. You can get soft, bendy plastic needles if you’re worried about steels but I do find that even bamboo ones can be a powerful persuasion aid! ;)

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