The Cure

Ladies and gentlemen, may I proudly present the Cure?  Perfect for those Grey Days and for banishing the blues!

The Cure - A Big Mug of Hot Chocolate with Mini Marshmalllows and Chocolate Jazzies

I had a miserable day yesterday, the kind of day where you just feel numb and paralysed the whole time but not properly Blue or Ill or anything, just not right.  I think it was partly the come down from the previous evening’s panic attack (yeah, they’re back), the change in the weather and drop in temperature, how I felt, various stresses … so yep, the day just didn’t happen.

In the end I came up with a brilliant idea, somewhere in the evening, so I toddled off into the kitchen to make myself a hot chocolate.  I haven’t had one for ages, it hasn’t been a particularly cold winter I guess and I haven’t really been out that much either, it’s when you’re all cold through that you come home really wanting a hot chocolate.

I got out my special hot chocolate mug, it’s rather cavernous and is rather like a tankard rather than a mug, with nice curves to wrap your hands around and generously sized for maximum warming effect.  I also decided that since I had to boil the kettle to make this little treat that I might as well fill a comforting hot water bottle too.  I haven’t been too keen on hot water since then and hot water bottles are always rather tricky to fill especially as I’ve been struggling to hold things lately.  So I was very brave to play with boiling water again, well I felt so anyway!

I investigated the deepest corners of the fridge and discovered a can of squirty cream.  Yes, this is an essential requirement on a grown up hot chocolate, you must have squirty cream otherwise it isn’t proper.  Being a rather prudent type when it comes to discoveries in the back of the fridge, I did some sample squirts into the sink before risking my entire drink.  Mmm, squirty cream.  Such fun.

I have now also realised that I can add cold water to my hot drinks.  I’m not a huge fan of hot drinks (other than hot chocolate, I only have the occasional green tea for nausea and fortunately I don’t enjoy the bitter taste of coffee which is just as well because you don’t give me caffeinated products, for everyone’s sake!) and have been known to forget about my hot chocolate having left it on the side to cool, having scalded my tongue twice too many times.  I made it up half and half last night, which means then that I had to drink it rather promptly than I was expecting to!  Having whisked up my chocolate powder, it was slightly lumpy so I wonder if it’s got damp at some stage, I looked into the swirling chocolatey-ness and had a stroke of inspiration.  It was going to be a very grown up hot chocolate after all.

I decided that a touch of, ahem, Irish ‘sweetener’ would just be perfect and raided my husband’s bottle of Irish Cream.  Mmm, just a dribble but enough to taste and to give a very yummy flavour to my hot chocolate.

Next came the mountain of squirty cream.  It always forms into a rather unfortunate shape but I’m not going to comment further, what would you think of my mind then?!

Then I went on another raid, this time on a tin of little extras that I keep for hot chocolate.  Oh yes, bring on the mini marshmallows!  You have to have marshmallows.  Like squirty cream.  The Law says.  I also have jazzies in my tin, I haven’t yet made up my mind whether I actually like them because they’re made of that slightly stale-tasting chocolate but they’re fun at least.  These were the end of the packet so I tried to shake out the rest of the loose 100s and 1000s from the bag because I hate waste but then I stopped because I realised that I hate picking up 100s and 1000s of sprinkles from all over the kitchen more.

I took a photo to share with you.  I was already feeling a lot better just contemplating this creation, it might not be on some neutral background in a perfect white mug like you see on all the foody blogs, high key perfection, but that’s not me or my photography or my hot chocolate.

Having faffed around getting my photo, I then realised that I had to attempt to drink the thing which was going to be rather difficult what with gravity and the confectionery mountain adorning the mug.  So I fished out two straws, you know it’s got to be two, and yes of course there are straws in my cutlery drawer, and started sipping.  I even did a little dance and broke into a bad attempt of a song.

This is the Cure.  Apply liberally.


11 thoughts on “The Cure

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  1. What a coincidence, IE: You describe the central premise of our family’s ‘pamper’ sessions. When the going gets tough, the tough get out the squirty cream and sprinkles :-) Hope you are feeling better soon.

  2. Yummy. I wish that hot chocolate was in MY tummy:~)

    I’m sorry things have been tough, but you ended up taking care of yourself anyway. That’s a big step.

    I agree with you about things that too hot.

  3. Isn’t it funny how something as simple as hot chocolate ( though yours wasn’t so simple!) can pick up your spirits? Glad it was able to pull you our of your anxious mood.

  4. Hot damn! The really awesome thing is that you are able to work through the bad. Feeling better doesn’t mean the bad will stop altogether. It means you know how to come out the other side. Yay!

  5. I feel better already, just reading this. Thank you for cheering me up with your inventiveness, resourcefulness, and determination (and I didn’t even have to record any calorie count). :-)

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