Subtle Differences to Shake Your Confidence

I have this ‘thing’ on my home page which comes up with wacky little sentences in French that I admittedly don’t pay a lot of attention too.  This one caught my eye.  Now don’t worry, I’m not presuming upon your language skills, you’ll see what I mean straightaway:

La tour Eiffel était le bâtiment le plus haut du monde jusqu’en 1949, quand l’Empire State Building a été construit.
The Eiffel Tower was the tallest building in the world until 1930, when the Empire State Building was constructed.

Spotted it, yeah?  It’s kind of a parallel universe-thing I’m sure.  And then that online encyclopaedia claims that it was 1931.  Sigh.


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  1. Funny story. There’s an episode of Go Diego Go which mentions Machu Picchu, the spelling of which I’m probably butchering. My kids were driving me BATSHIT CRAZY with it. Sam was chanting “I am the king of MACHU PICCHU” and Caroline was egging him on.

    For punishment, I dragged up the Wikipedia entry on Machu Picchu and ordered Caroline to read the entire thing to Sam. When I came back fifteen minutes later, he was standing on her bed draped in a sheet intoning “I am de high pweist of Machu Picchu” while she capered around on the ground on all fours singing “Machu Picchu in Brazil, Incas lived there, they got killed. Bummerrrrr.”

    It took me two months and a well timed issue of National Geographic to convince her that “Brazil” should be “Peru” in that song.

    And I still only tell the story selectively, because Sam unintentionally looked like something straight out of the unpleasant side of US Civil Rights history.

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