Some Sunshine

When the day dawns bright and sunny, your soul warms and your spirit soars.  I have hope and optimism again, I want to do so much inspired by the sunshine and also motivated to make the most of whatever passing rays come my way.  But sometimes the mind is bright and active whilst the body is still struggling with fatigue.  Whatever the combination, I love the sunshine.

Look at what the sunshine made me do this morning:

Plate of Homemade Waffles

We love waffles but it takes a particular kind of mood for Mr Waffle Maker to be persuaded to wield his magic with the handblender, a batter bowl and a waffle machine.  Sunshine has some very powerful effects!

We added vanilla and almond extract to our batter and then decided to add in some ground almond because we loved the almond-y smell so much.  That and my jar of ground almond doesn’t get too much exercise at the moment!  We used 100g ground almond to 400g plain flour and although they came out beautifully light and airy, they didn’t have a very strong almond flavour though so I might have to experiment another time with a different ratio.  I gently warmed some frozen fruit with a splash of rum * and threw on some runny yoghurt (Greek style would have better shape for food styling purposes!) then the fruit and some ground almonds.  Perfect!  (Husband prefers to lather his with a patented more chocolate spread than waffle ratio then complains that it’s rather rich, why put fruit on them?!)

As an aside, I love the rich colour of berry juice.  That is until I get it on something that I shouldn’t have.  The rich reddy-purply-pinky colour is one of my favourites and stains the waffles beautifully.

I didn’t have the energy for the spring cleaning projects that I keep envisaging but I’ve got a few things done today and there’s a bowl of leftover waffle batter to tempt me for the rest of the week!

* What do you mean, I can’t use alcohol in my breakfast cooking?!  I’d have thought that it would have all burnt off anyhow.

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  1. The sun always inspires me too. I definitely have more energy when the sun is shining.

    I like how you started out your post ~ very nice prose!

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