Weather Report


I don’t know what month or season it is at the moment but I don’t like it, not after we had such a glorious spell over the last two weeks.  Two weeks in which I was incredibly tied up with things and couldn’t fully appreciate it.  I had just realised how stunning the neighbour’s flowering magnolia was against a crazy blue sky when the sky went overcast and the petals blew away.  It’s a sad truth that we never appreciate the good until it’s too late.  A wasted opportunity.  Perhaps.

The problem with this shift in seasons is what to wear.  I’d even manage to find my summer coat.  I’ve been in sandals.  There’s the problem.  Now I’ve worn my sandals the Law says that I can’t go back to boots, unless walking somewhere in torrential rain, until September at the earliest.  This is an unfair twist of weather.  I have cold feet, very cold, and I’m too stubborn to wear boots.  Or maybe a little lazy to go back to plasters and two pairs of socks.  Sigh.  I can’t win.  Serves me right for casting that clout though, perhaps that’s why I’m poorly.

The sore throat of the century has turned into a cough/cold combo which isn’t endearing me to my husband (apparently my cough is booming, you’d have thought that I was only coughing to annoy him) and that I’m just too Tired to deal with, besides which muscle fatigue adds a few other er, complications to coughing.  I’m wandering the house with a loo roll and a large bottle of hand gel and probably should add a large handbell, an ‘unclean’ bell and not one for summoning sympathy and aid, that isn’t forthcoming.  And at times with a liberal dose of self-pity.

But I have my knitting to soothe my soul and have reluctantly accepted the aphorism about best laid plans, some things will have to wait until I’m back on my feet, unfortunately others can’t or won’t.  It’s frustrating but I know that life rarely goes the way I expect.  Just one day at a time, I remind myself.

In the meantime, as I am chain eating my way through cough sweets, I also have to remind myself that both I and the dentist would prefer it if I left them in the middle of my mouth rather than tuck them down the side of my teeth where they’re much more comfortable as now, suspiciously, I have a large row of fillings in that very location.  It’s also possibly connected to my questionable habit of leaving a cough sweet in over night, well in either case I’m going to choke so what’s the worse that could happen?

Another sign of a Bad Cold is the fact that I can’t smell, other than the occasional whiff which takes me by surprise, the copious amounts of that very famous eucalyptus oil blend all over my pillow.  Not good.  Occasionally my eyes burn too, maybe I have actually got too much on the pillow.  I don’t like that other unctuous ointment that was lathered onto chests when we were little by overenthusiastic mothers, I don’t get the need to be embalmed in goopy stuff that stinks and mushes into nightwear and bedclothes so I stick to the oil.  Far more civilised.

Well, whinge over, I might go to bed or I might add another row to my current WIP.  It’s slowly growing but the hard bit is next.  I finished another project today which has had me tearing my hair out so I was glad to see that done.  Before I went bald.  Which is a distinct genetic possibility anyway.  I’ll catch up with posting those another day and yes, I do have more than one project on the needles at a time.  Doesn’t everyone?


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  1. Isn’t it strange how those who love us, lose all sympathy when we get sick. As if the symptoms we’re enduring are really only present to make them uncomfortable.

    When I get a cold the cough lasts FOR WEEKS. My old room mate used to get mad at me whenever I would go on a coughing jag. Like I was doing it JUST to disrupt her life. Always pissed me off!

    Hope you’re feeling better (since I’m so far behind)!

    1. No worries, thank you for taking the time to read. I’m over the cold now fortunately, thank you! Sympathy is a great thing and we definitely appreciate it more when it’s shortcoming. :)

  2. Hope your cold is about over. I’m not happy with this cold snap either, especially since we are on our way to Boston and I wanted to be done with wool coats. A couple of weeks ago, Boston was actually warmer than we were in Virginia Beach. Now we’re back to coat weather. What’s with that?

      1. Actually, Eye, we were in Boston when the crash occurred. It was only two miles from our house. The Navy jets fly very low over our house all the time because we live so near to the Naval Air Station. Scary!

  3. we have hit a cold snap too and I do know about that boots/sandals law, but just maybe you could wear socks for a few days until your cold is done with!! not with sandlas tho socks and sandals is another rule altogether! (laughter)c

  4. Ah, England, my England….I too am staring wistfully out at a freezing grey sky, blowing my nose disconsolately. They’ve been doing it on this island for millennia, IE :-D

    1. Hm, does that make early settlers of these Isles stupid or optimistic, resilient or idiotic?! And, which for millennia – the blowing of noses or staring wistfully – coz I think both work! ;)

  5. First, what are plasters? I thought they were British Band-Aids, but it sounds like you’re referring to a type of shoe here? (Though I can see how wearing sandals with wet feet could make you need plasters!!) I absolutely LOATHE colds that prevent smelling. I hate to be unable to breathe.

    1. I’ve just found this one in the spam filter, I’m so sorry! Plasters are Band-Aids, I always have to wear one on each ankle as well as two pairs of socks just to wear my comfortable boots so it adds a lot of time and effort to getting ready, I just didn’t make it very clear in that sentence though. I have my sense of smell back now, fortunately and gladly. Thanks for commenting. :)

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