Weekly Photo Challenge: Unfocused

I am uploading more ‘previously taken’ photos as I couldn’t bear to go and take a deliberately unfocused one.  However, as our challenger has done so herself, it seriously can’t be too much of a crime.

The first image is an old one which for some reason or other I have always had a soft spot for (which is why it never got deleted).  It was shot in black and white purely to placate a very noise sensitive bridge model who hated any atmospheric humidity and as you can easily deduce, was done without a tripod.  Never let your brother talk you into taking his lightweight tripod on a trip with you; you will promptly discover on arrival at your destination that it does not stand up.  Quite why you will then feel compelled to carry the useless bundle of uselessness around with you for the next seven days is a matter that I never made sense of.

On the Streets

The next photo comes from a scenario that has a high chance of producing blurry, out of focus images: shooting from the car window.  Moving car.  It has never deterred me and although it may not be modest to say, I have managed to get some quite decent images in this way.  (This isn’t one of them clearly).  You’ve got to watch for foreground vegetation especially, that stuff always goes blurry.  I wanted to use it in yesterday’s post but didn’t on grounds of it being ‘unfocused’, I call it ‘blurry’.  But I think it’s captures that feeling of endless desert quite nicely.

So here you go, a second photo on this week of all weeks which, ironically, is highlighting some of our ‘bad’ shots:

Endless Desert


8 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge: Unfocused

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  1. Beautiful shots, and my heart warmed so much to the second. It should be on a huge canvas somewhere.
    And on a lateral note, that’s a lovely watermark…somehow friendly, not officious like some :-)

    1. Even that fuzzy?! Deserts either repel or attract. Well I have an officious watermark (see my Flickr link) but this IE blog really isn’t that kind of place! Thanks for visiting again. ;)

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