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Look what Celi made me do!

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That is a mixed berries daquiri made from that frozen berry mix that I used in those muffins, some vanilla sugar (because I have a wee tub in my cupboard from when the husband thought that it was a good idea and vanilla essence doesn’t seem to blend with alcohol very nicely) and a generous dose of white sugar. The sugar made it a much smoother drink, gelling the rum and tart berries.  The vanilla because otherwise frozen berries can be too bland.  The rum because otherwise it wouldn’t be a daquiri.  Duh.  Or so tasty!  (I might have been a little generous in my measures however).  No ice because the fruit was frozen.  Oops, I forgot the lime juice.  Probably my berries would have been too tart for it anyhow.

It was thick like a smoothie but not so pulpy, less texture.  A little bit like a slushy but no hard shards of ice chips and no weird colours and pretend flavours.  You only get blue raspberries in an English summer.  And oh so tasty.

But now I’m out of rum.

Perfect for the absolute scorcher that today has been.  It’s also the reason why you’re only getting a short post too because it’s just too hot to think!  Pretty humid too, yuk.

Enjoy your weekend, whatever the weather is doing!

Baby Blue Tit Update:

I have beef stroganoff ice cubes in my freezer and bird poop on my sofa.

Feisty is definitely quite a character.  Have you ever seen a dog ‘dream’ in his sleep?  We tend to laugh and say that they’re chasing rabbits.  I don’t know what Feisty dreams of but most likely his food.  He’s a whole 2 g heavier than his siblings!  He’s also quite very fledge-y.  He climbs and flaps all over our sofa and today took his first ‘flight’, husband says that a more accurate description would be falling whilst flapping.  He loves to hide in his ‘cave’ under one of the cushions.

Birdie is much quieter and has a lot less grip than either of the others but today we helped him do some climbing, he usually stays hidden in the corner of the seat by the arm.  With a few cupping ‘shoves’ he got the idea and eventually made it all the way up to the top and joined Feisty in the ‘cave’.

Manky is causing us some worry because he doesn’t eat as much as the others.  His wing feathers have the ‘bones’ (I know that their must be a technical term) but not the feathery bits so he definitely lives up to his name.  We’re also worried because he’s often on his own in the tank that is their new home, or his brothers are busy jumping up and down on him.  Or siblings, more accurately.

This morning we had a phone call from the lovely chap who collected our first baby from the vets and as a ‘responder’, took the baby bird up to a wonderful rescue place (not run by the rescue people) about twenty miles away.  Baby is doing well and we have a special log number so we can phone and check on his progress too.  Isn’t that lovely?  Seems like the vets could deal with baby birds after all, the rotten stink.

Do you want to talk poo?  If I’ve talked about sick before so I’m sure I can talk about poo.  There’s a lot of poo in my life right now.  Besides, it’s a funny word if you’re feeling mature.  If you feed one of these guys they poop straight away.  It’s kind of funny.  Not the bird poo splats that you get on your car or, worse, your washing but funny little bubble gum bubbles.  It’s important that they poop regularly but kind of weird that they do it on cue.  Yes, that’s what’s going on in my life today.  Poop.

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  1. WEll at least you can drink while you watch them poop and i have run out of strawberries BUT I have a whole bag of mixed berries in my freezer.. aren’t you clever! Thank you.. now look what you’ve done.. very hot here today too! NEED DAQUIRI! c

  2. Well, I never thought poop could be cute. But theirs sounds rather endearing. I’m VERY glad that the first escapee wasn’t euthanized by the evil vet but was, instead, rescued and given loving treatment. What do you plan to do with them once they can fly? I’m glad no more have popped out of the woodwork! I’ve heard of raining cats and dogs, but never birds before now.

    1. I was quite relieved to hear it too. Once they fly, they can leave home. It’s quite cool not having to wait 18 years for that! But I guess we’ll hit a toddler stage first which’ll be lots of games and not so much fun! I’m still curious as to what else you would have said yesterday! Hope that your weekend is going well and that you got your glass of wine. :)

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