More Breaking News

We think Rocky (unsurprisingly) and Birdie were the first out of the ‘nest’.  Birdie suddenly seemed to put a sprint on and overtake his more developed siblings this last week.

Sneaky has also flown now.

Yes, three of them are out!

They have flown out to the magnolia tree in a neighbour’s garden.  Funny enough, there seem to be both a male and female blue tit in that tree, we think it’s the parents.  They’re calling to each other, the babies and the former parents.

They literally just shot out of the door by turns, no warning.  One moment they were here, the next they were gone.

Feisty spent some time trying to egg Manky on, he didn’t have much success.

Finally one of the fledged babies came back up (we’re in a first floor flat) and sat a wee while on the washing line, calling.

Feisty went over to the curtain pole over the door, curious.  He finally hopped out onto the wall then spent a lot of time flying backwards and forwards on the balcony and sitting in my strawberry plant.  He flew eventually.

We can hear them outside and Manky is a little confused by what just happened.  We’re wondering how he’s going to deal with it, maybe he’ll pine or lose motivation.  With Manky, who knows.

This just in, three have flown back inside!

Not sure which three but it looks like they still feel like this is home after all.  We thought that was the last we’d seen of them.  Well, we were going for soft release anyway.  There’s food on the balcony and in here and the door is still open for them.

Sorry for crowding your inbox!

4 thoughts on “More Breaking News

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  1. :-D It’s like good news, bad news, IE! So glad they’ve fledged, and i couldn’t surpress the chuckle when they flew back in again…lovely update, thanks!

  2. Oh how very exciting!!! I think that’s great for you and Manky — I think that he probably wouldn’t lose motivation (I hope not) but that seeing them go in and out like that may BUILD his motivation!!

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