Pushing My Sympathies

I’m prepared to tolerate most people and their idiosyncrasies, hey I have a few of my own after all, but there are a few situations where I find it pushed beyond its limits.

The first circumstance.  A woman who walks into a crowded room with a baby asleep in a car seat.  And then promptly extracts sleeping baby roughly from an all-in-one body covering anorak thing and wakes it up.  Baby starts screaming.  Mother looks around surprised at us all.  I look at my friend and we both agree that the baby was asleep and that the mother woke it.  We both decide that the motto ‘let sleeping babies sleep’ is a good one and should have been followed.  For the benefit of all present.   And opt not to pick up the wailing babe and smile at the ‘poor’ mother.

The second circumstance.  A lady, older admittedly, who starts using a walking stick, a trekking pole like my own.  Now I have to treat a fine line here, I don’t want to be hypocritical and I know that plenty of people probably are baffled by why I am using one.  The lady in question claims to have a bad leg.  Aw.  But here’s how I see it.  If you’re wearing ridiculously tight clothes (think vacuum packed ham joint but fortunately she’s bony) then superbly ridiculous high-heeled, ill-fitting shoes which make you totter and wobble anyway then I am going to be incredibly suspect about the cause of your discomfort.  And as it seems to be of your own making (and due to your own folly in my humble opinion when it comes to fashion choices), I will choose to withdraw my sympathy.


2 thoughts on “Pushing My Sympathies

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  1. I don’t know why people feel compelled to fish their babies out of the pumpkin seats. Put down the seat, adjust it so you can keep it still or rock it, and leave that baby alone! And as soon as you got to ‘high heels’ my sympathy went all away for the walking-stick-lady.

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