Weekly Photo Challenge: Growth


Sometimes growth is about appreciating your own achievements, however small.

Wee Chilli Pepper

Like this diminutive jalapeño (actual size 2 cm approx), it might not be a record winner but I grew that.  It even ripened on time unlike my earlier escapades with tomatoes, they eventually ripened in November.  In a summer that wasn’t as good as it promised, I think that’s something.

Sometimes growth is about letting go.

Manky Feather (literally and figuratively)

We don’t always have to hold onto things.  This is a Manky feather, literally and figuratively.  It’s shorter than my index finger but it represents an awful lot of growth in this little blue tit’s life.  I might hold on to this, being the sentimental fool that I am, but there are other things though that I need to let go of, sometimes I need to move on.

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