It’s Pink!

I’ve just had a kind of rough twenty four hours for a lovely mix of reasons and I wasn’t really feeling up to much.  I was reading a few blog posts, catching up with email, you know the kind of thing.  Then I read something.  A little while later the something had wormed into my consciousness.  I remembered something.  Then I had an idea.

You probably know my views on food.  It’s good stuff.  It cures.

So, yes, I went and cooked a little something restorative.

A Bowful of Pink Porridge with Mixed Berries, Chocolate Drips and Honey

It’s pink!

Doesn’t that just lift your spirits?

And it’s healthy.  Of course.  It’s porridge.  Porridge is healthy.  Fruit is extremely healthy.  Honey is medicinal.  Chocolate chips, well they’re good for the mind.

I’ve never been so happy to see a plate of strange coloured food and I’m already feeling better.

You need to try this.

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8 thoughts on “It’s Pink!

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  1. You know, that looks like something that would be good frozen into granola bar type thing. What a great snack that would be.

    1. Fancy giving it a try?! Toss oats, frozen fruits and a splash of milk into a pan then cook it up to your desired consistency. The fruit melts and stains the oats. Entirely healthy despite the colour! ;)

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