Images from a Sunshiny Day


Towels Drying

A little bit of sunshine, however small, is always an excuse (or maybe a motivation?) to get some washing done and out.  I’m feeling such a lot better physically that I’m starting to dream of all sorts of wonderful things that I could get done but seeing as I had to put today’s (small) load out on the line in three shifts, I’m forced to accept that I must still be realistic.  It’ll be small steps.  One step at a step.  But I’ll get there.  Hopefully.  I was beginning to worry actually.Straw Western Style HatAs you already know, I wear a Western hat.  In summer, I wear a straw version.  This is more of a traditional shape than my black felt one and the long brim takes a bit of getting used to.  And the rustle can be very loud in my ‘ears‘ too! I like a sensible, shady hat in the sun.

Knitting and Sunglasses

This is my first pair of adult sunglasses that I got a few months back.  Back when I first wore glasses in my pre-teen days, I had a giant pair of pink plastic sunglasses (you know the ones, with the thick black plastic lenses) that I wore stylishly over the top of my oversized multicoloured splattered plastic glasses.  I’m glad that eyewear fashion has moved on considerably since then!  When I started wearing contact lenses a few years ago, I realised that I could now finally wear sunglasses (never mind fashion, they have their uses).  I couldn’t find any to fit.  Much like normal glasses frames actually.  So I’ve had a couple of children’s plastic sporty style frames but they’ve never fit very well, they kind of assume that children’s heads are totally spherical so the glasses have a very pronounced curve and they also seem to think that children’s noses are ridiculously skinny so they never sit on my bridge properly.  Well, I don’t think I have a fat nose.  (Paranoid thinking starts here).  Of course, wherever I go, my knitting comes too.  (I’ll show you what I’ve been working on another day, I promise).  I enjoy sitting outside in the sun (as long as my head is covered) so I load up my chair with my latest knitting project (the cup holder is very handy for yarn balls) and get my Vitamin D top up.


You’ve got to make the most of the sunshine.





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  1. I wear a hat also. i deeply distrust suntan lotions, it seems to me that that skin cancer has increased as fast as the use of suntan lotion has, a hat is by far the best solution plus when i am working outside in the rain the hat keeps my face dry! winwin..c

    1. I think the danger is that we think it’s a magical formula of guaranteed protection so don’t act sensibly. Hats win hands down and they aren’t sticky either! Thanks for visiting. :)

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