Real Friends …

… ask you to the beach.

… tell you that you don’t need to bring your deckchair because they have one in the boot that you can use.  (Even though everyone else is sitting on picnic blankets on the floor).

… tell you to bring both sticks.  You ask how they know that you have two sticks because you only have ever use just the one.  They think that they’ve seen you use two before but it doesn’t matter, just bring both because you’re gonna need them.

… warn you that there’s a steep hill and steps (especially on the way back) but you all agree that it’s worth it.

… pick you up.

… let you knit in their car all the way there.

… offer to carry your bags, if you’d like.

… let you walk at your pace, however shamefully slow that might be.

… aren’t worried when you get the camera out to take some pictures.

… carry your hat so you have both hands free to hold your sticks (it’s windy).

… believe you when you say you’d rather scale the cliff on the rocks and grass than try the steps.  (I don’t do steps).

… bring you here:

Durdle Door Beach

… let you sit in your lone deckchair and knit all the time that we’re there.

That’s good friends.

Cliff Paths

(I don’t know those people, they were just in my frame).


… don’t worry when you go back up the hill at even more shamefully slow pace (I think snails were overtaking me).

… don’t get funny when you stop to breathe every now and then.  (Snails definitely breathe easier).

… don’t get cheesed off when, despite the fact that you’re the slowest (by miles) member of the party, you stop to take a few photos.

I like friends like these.

I like places like this.

Man of War Cove

Walking Back from Cove

And yes, I did make it back up that ‘hill’.  Eventually.  I have the photos to prove it.  But thank goodness for ‘four wheel drive’.

Walking Back the Very Long Hill

PS.  It’s absolutely ridiculous that I have never, ever, ever been here before.  People come from all over the world just to see this beach and I’ve grown up not too far away from it and have never seen it for myself.  Something ticked off anyway.

Durdle Door


10 thoughts on “Real Friends …

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  1. The recommendations you discussed here are really useful. It absolutely was such a fun surprise to have that awaiting me after i woke up to find this event. Thank you very much for the tip!

    1. I really appreciate these friends and the efforts they go to to include and help me. I also appreciate beautiful places like this so today was a real treat in two ways. Maybe one day you’ll get to visit this corner of the world. :)

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