A Thousand Things

She might be No Poster Girl but Jocelyn describes just what fatigue really means for ME patients perfectly. I’m so grateful that I’m over my relatively wee bad patch and my heart goes out to those who are suffering so badly and for so long with a ME bad patch, it’s definitely not a pleasant experience.

No Poster Girl

If you’re a healthy person, how many things do you think you do per day?

Your to-do list at work might have a half-dozen things on it, but I’m talking about more than that. Maybe you run a few errands after work and do some housework when you get home, and you think that brings it up to an even dozen?

What if I told you you do a thousand things per day?

I say that to demonstrate my perspective as someone with ME/CFS. The difference between what you can manage and what I can manage is enormous, and it’s likely that you and I see our possible energy expenditures in an entirely different way. Those thousand things include actions you never think of, things you’re hardly aware of – things that you would never think of as taking energy, because to you they take such a negligible amount. But they…

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    1. Um, somewhere between the dozen and the thirty four descriptions. I’m fortunate that I’m not totally bedbound but I wouldn’t be able to get dressed or washed everyday. I would spend most of my time lying down, I can’t even hold myself up when prone on a bad day. I have to eat and fortunately in a flat, everything’s on one level so I can get to the kitchen to make something simple like cereal. Even pasta is hard because there’s steam and weight. I struggle terribly with both noise and motion sickness, as Jocelyn describes later on so music is out and television severely limited. We used to have a laptop so I was able to have a little window on the world but now it’s died so I wouldn’t be able to get up to sit up at the computer in another room. I’m grateful for what I can do as I know that other folk have it so bad and are completely bedbound and seriously ill with this mongrel. I guess that I just take it one day at a time and keep being my stubborn self. Thanks for asking. :)

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