The Long and the Short of It

Birdie in the Curtains

It is easy to think that whatever normal you have grown up with is ‘right’ but when you are married to someone who also thinks of their normal as ‘right’ too, well,  you’re bound to end up having a few domestic rumbles at one time or another.  And it’s often over the simplest of things, possibly because those are the things that don’t really come down to an actual ‘right’ or a ‘wrong’ but reflect simply different tastes, backgrounds and upbringings.

I grew up with homemade floor length curtains.  My only experience of shop-bought curtains were usually other children’s bedrooms, whether viewed from one side of a window or the other, with bold cartoon characters but with a terrible tendency to be too short and skimpy as well as being way too thin and never lined.  I don’t see the point in having curtains that are virtually too short to cover the window.  I also believe in lining them.  I don’t see the point in having curtains that you can see through.  Especially in this modern world of surrounded by neighbours and street lights.

Husband, whilst he believes in lining curtains, claims that floor length curtains are pretentious.  (There are inferences here which rather echo those of the runcible spoon domestic rumbling).  He feels that they should be long enough to cover the window space but not so long that they hang over a radiator.  (Radiators always seem to be placed below windows; maybe it’s something to do with preventing condensation or something).

We have long curtains in the only two rooms that yet have curtains.  I need to summon my courage and attempt to make the pair for the spare bedroom.  (The duvet cover was only ever meant to be a temporary solution).  So what length should I make them?

There is of course another complication:  we never have the heating on.  So should they be long enough to expose the non-existent central heating or should we go very long and cover up the whole cold window space? (I don’t see any point to draughts either).

Decisions, decisions, decisions.

And the worst is that whatever we do or don’t do, there’s no right or wrong to the issue; just opinions and tastes and backgrounds.  Does it really matter?

Well, yes, because what if they shrink?  I was brought up to believe that curtains must be washed and that they will shrink.  My mother makes her curtains at least two foot too long for this express purpose.  She very kindly made the curtains in our sitting room and I can vouch for the fact that they haven’t really shrunk.  (I was also impressed that they didn’t run when I bunged them in the washing machine; dry clean only black and white curtain fabric was always going to be a challenge.  As a precaution, I put a leftover sample of the fabric in the machine first on a test run and added salt just to be on the safe side.  For some reason, the bird invasion left us with a pressing need to clean the curtains).

So should they be left ridiculously long, just in case, or should they be just touching the floor or should they be just under the windowsill?

Where do your curtains come to and why?

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8 thoughts on “The Long and the Short of It

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  1. I vote for long and even longer because they drape and look Gorgeous and when they blow in the breeze they will billow which is even better. c

  2. I would tell you where our curtains hang, but your husband might get mad at me! Actually we have longer drapes in the living room and dining room and blinds everywhere else. Good luck! It’s always nice to get new things.

    1. It seems that husband is already on the losing side of this debate (see previous commenters)! I’m definitely looking forward to getting this place up to scratch, it’s been a long time coming. Thanks for adding your view in. :)

  3. This reminds me of the what-length-should-one-wear-one’s-jeans argument. The annoying moment when you sit down and the jeans reveal legs; yet in rain their hems trail in the wet puddles. I’d go for length in jeans and curtains. One does not wish to reveal anything untoward at the hem.

    1. Oh, I quite agree with too short trousers, it drives me mad! How can you wear them with half your sock showing?! Hopefully, I should avoid puddles in the house though! :)

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