FO: Coffee and Cake Fingerless Mittens

After some beading on my Quaker Ridge Shawlette, I got a thing for beads.

So I decided to put some on another project too.

I had some nice, big chunky yarn that I had promised fingerless gloves out of to a wonderful friend of mine who also suffers from cold paws, she has MS and some brown seed beads.  So I set to work.

Just like that.

No pattern, just an idea.

I wanted some cables to add texture and interest.

I can do cables, they’re not hard actually, just placing the stitches in the wrong place.  Yeah, I know, I do that all time so cables?  No problem!

Because of the super chunky yarn, they knitted up in no time.

And with just one skein.

And because of the yarn weight, I obviously couldn’t thread the beads on!  I had to sew them on with a fine needle and normal sewing thread.

I gave them to my friend the very next day, all wrapped up.

She was thrilled with them and I’ve seen her wear them several times since.

She wears the cables underneath for extra grip and warmth!

But it’s lovely for a knitter to have a knitted gift appreciated, I rarely even see mine be received as they normally go off in the post.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

So may I make one little request, even if it may seem selfish or big-headed on my own part?  Please remember to appreciate the crafters in your life, they put more than just stitches or glue into their work, there’s a lot of love and hugs in even just a small gift.  And as you know from my own tales, those small gifts are also probably part of a much bigger journey.  Be glad and grateful that you get to share in their journey with them.  It’s people and journeys that we should treasure not the things.  Or even perhaps ability.

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  1. Thanks for reminding us to appreciate the crafters in our lives! Personally made gifts are the best kind of gifts to get, I think!

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