FO: I Must be Getting Tame in My Old Age

Fortunately, however, tame is not quite the same as boring.  I hope!  Having finished one baby project in pastels, I find myself onto another.  It was a surprise gift for the very lovely plumber who has taken on attempting to fit pipework and, eventually, a basin (oh, the luxury!) in my bathroom, otherwise known as that bathroom.  I suppose if you really want to be pedantic, and you know that I do, it wasn’t really for the plumber but for his hatchling.  (And let’s not go there with the phrase, oh the plumber is expecting.  Aren’t English and my English great?  (Maybe it’s just mine).).

Anybody who offers to take on work in that bathroom is an absolutely wonderful person in my book and if they’re going to offer to fit the basin, albeit eventually (tiling takes it time), well then they’re just the bees-knees.  (Should there be an apostrophe in that?)  To show my gratitude, I decided to whip up a little something from my stash.

I had some white fluffy yarn that was just crying out to be inflicted on a baby and I knew that the Pop! cardigan would knit up in just a couple of days so I got started.

The yarn is all and well good, it was bought way back when I didn’t know much about anything and especially not about yarn.  It is an artificial blend  but there is some wool in it at least.  (I didn’t think that the bamboo/cotton blend that I used last time and still have enough of to make another cardigan would be warm enough for a English December baby, actually it might have made it into January).  I think it’s the type of acrylic (courtelle?) that gives the yarn it’s mohair-like fuzziness.  Let’s just say that it’s pain to rip back.  And yes, I had to rip back several times.  A sort of Murphy’s Law effect with impossible yarn and the fact that I was Tired again.  I can’t count when I’m Tired at all.

I think that this may be the closest that I ever come to that infamous matinée jacket:

Pop! Cardigan in Window

(It was really hard to get decent photos of the cardigan though because the weather was absolutely abysmal.  Would you believe that shot is taken in a south-facing window in the middle of the day?  Truly impossible lighting conditions).

Happily, I didn’t get totally taken by the pastel-loving handknit monster and had these buttons to brighten things up with:

Smiley Face Button

But as the weather was so awful, I had really trouble getting it to dry after being blocked.  Even with the hairdryer!  (What, I’m not meant to use a hairdryer as a blocking tool?!)  It persistently kept a little damp feel to one corner so I decided to not wrap it (on the last day the plumber would be over) but present it artfully on a children’s sized coat hanger.  (Well it works for all the clothes shops and supermarkets, doesn’t it?!)

I wrote up a care label (because myself, I always worry about checking labels for the right way to wash things.  But then, having read them, I do exactly what I want anyway) and found a length of newborn baby ribbon in my ribbon stash.

Pop! Cardigan Care Label

I really like this pattern, it is relatively easy and quick, and I have a funny feeling that I might even return to it again.  (I think this is actually the first time I’ve made two of any pattern, obviously not counting things like socks which are meant to be two).  Plumber was very happy with it and the baby has since hatched well and healthy.  And I should be returning my usual bold colour palette shortly.  Hopefully.

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