My Two Proofs

Bug - (Cinnabar Caterpillar)

‘Complimentary’ or ‘alternative’ (the term you choose to use probably reflects your views) healthcare seems to be a great divider of opinion in these modern ages.  The rigid disciples of Science believe only in its apparently concrete, modern and proven theories dismissing other views as quackery suitable only for misguided ignoramuses stuck in the Dark Ages of Folklore.  They forget that folklore is the very foundation of their own pride and joy, its original springboard into modern terminology and that in fact Science and Folklore are still tightly entwined bedfellows.  Aspirin anyone?

Personally I find modern Medicine, much like all branches of Science, a little rigid in its understanding and a little too keen on pigeonholing.  I’d rather treat something holistically than to focus on one symptom and dose it up on chemicals.  Medicine prides itself on the physical, only accepting the tangible proofs of illness.  It struggles to explain and cope with conditions like ME.  And what is pain?  Physical, psychological, psychosomatic?  All or none?  I sometimes find Medicine too black and white.

I’ve used various treatments and systems of medicine before for various ailments, I respond better to them with no side effects which to me is a clear advantage.  There’s less risk of overdosing too, comforting.  One of the things that I regularly return to is homoeopathy, a quackery that some bristle up with a vengeance at the idea of.  Each to their own, I’ll leave you to your opinion and decision so leave me to mine likewise.

They often claim that any positive effect homoeopathy may accidentally have on a patient is simply a placebo response.  If you give a human any pill-like object to take, he will magically believe himself better.  I don’t know what this says about human intelligence.

I have two proofs, conclusive to my way of thinking at least, that homoeopathy works for real and I offer them up to you now:

  1. My husband.  He loathes all medicine with a passion whatever its origin, suffering is a noble art and the only way to deal with illness.  He won’t take painkillers for a headache because it’ll ‘go away eventually’.  In the meantime he can’t do anything and is a total pain to live with.  I dose him appropriately regardless, husbands don’t know best in this instance, including with homeoepathic remedies which just like ‘standard’ or ‘orthodox’ or ‘Western’ treatments will do nothing. and never have done  The thing I love most about homeopathy is the symptom pictures that each remedy indicates, more than just your fever but the time it gets worse and often small details about your personality.  My husband’s go-to remedy when he has a lurgi has the following description included: ‘a bear with a ‘sore head’ who is irritable and resentful of being questioned or fussed over’.  Hmm.  That’s him to a T.  And do you know what?  That remedy works every time.  Even though he still refuses to believe so.  Placebo effect?  Not if he could help it.
  2. The family dog.  The dog has even less intelligence than the husband and is normally completely oblivious to having taken a pill (I drop them in his water bowl to dissolve).  So I don’t think placebo effect is therefore possible there either.  In the past, when I was a child, we had a rescue dog who we treated successfully for separation anxiety and the current incumbent was dosed for another psychological condition for which modern Medicine offers no treatment or cure for, especially not for four-legged patients, grieving.

And there are my proofs.  If it works on the stubborn and the ignorant, it has to have worked.  In any case, life was better for all concerned after dosing which is the essence of Medicine anyway.

I'd love to know what you think, concrit is especially welcomed on fiction pieces. Thank you.

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