I Now Have More Questions

Knitting Technique

I have just bought a new book.  (But a completely different version of that).  On knitting.  My husband wanted to know why I need another knitting book but I actually don’t have that many.  Truthfully.

I bought this one because it was a) reduced, b) had good pictures and c) promising to bring me enlightenment when it comes to the most intimidating and impossible of knitting techniques: intarsia.

But there is a problem.

I haven’t got to the section on intarsia yet but out of the two hundred questions it offers solutions to, I’ve come unstuck on Question Three.  (That’s about fifteen seconds into the book, I reckon).  And my confidence has been more than a little shaken.  The thing is that I’m just beginning to see myself as a knitter.  A slightly random, idiosyncratic knitter, to be sure.  After all, I definitely can’t call myself a ‘proper’ knitter, I don’t jumpers.  I’m still recovering from the first and last one.

So, the question is:  How do I hold the yarn?

There are pictures, good quality photos.

One for the British method.  (Smaller, is this less common or popular these days?)

One for the Continental method.

There can be no confusion.  The pictures are clear.  The evidence is before me.

I don’t hold my yarn properly!

Why I’m quite so surprised, shocked and shaken by this revelation, I’m not quite sure.  But I’m definitely questioning my status as a knitter all over again.  Can you be a knitter if you don’t hold your yarn properly?

The Continental version looks like a left-hander as far as I’m concerned.

Hm, left-handed?

I think that I was originally taught by a left-hander.

And do you remember the wee problem with my crochet technique?

I know that I don’t use the British method because of my friends do and they’re fast, effective and knit completely differently to me.

But I definitely don’t hold the yarn in my left hand either.  So am I a left-handed Continental or something?  Or just plain wrong?

Also, I don’t wrap my yarn around any other fingers.  Perhaps this is why my tension is soooo suspect?  (Husband might be right on that matter, just don’t tell him).  Apparently stressed out people knit tightly.  I don’t.  And I’m normally stressed out.

I’m confused.

Does it even matter how you hold the yarn?


7 thoughts on “I Now Have More Questions

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  1. Good question, IE. It is a shame question three does not explain further why it is so important. Isn’t there a local yarn wizard who can put you in the right direction?

  2. I don’t hold my yarn properly either. I used to worry about it too! I think all you really need to worry about is how the finished product looks!

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