The Nature of Nature

Yellow Ladybird on Daisies

Does a badger badger?

Does a bat bat?

Does a bear bare?

Does a bug bug?

Does a carp carp?

Does a cow cow?

Does a crow crow?

Is a deer dear?

Does a dragon drag on?

Does a duck duck?

Is an eel ill?

Does a flea flee?

Does a fowl foul?

Does a fox fox?

Does a frog frog?

Does a hog hog?

Is a horse hoarse?

Does a lark lark?

What’s a lion lie on?

What’s a lynx’ links?

Does a moose mousse?

Does a pig pig?

What’s a robin robbin’?

Does a roe row?

Does a snake snake?

Does a squirrel squirrel?

Does a tapir taper?

Does a whale wail?

Does a wolf wolf?

Does a worm worm?


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