URO on My Kitchen Dresser

Alright, this is a new version of the photo guessing game.

I don’t know what this Unidentified Random Object is and I do want to know.  I’ve tried sticking a description into a visual search engine to no avail.  It’s been on my kitchen dresser for years.  Honestly.

Husband thinks we should throw it out, clearly we and whatever it came from have survived this far.  However, I don’t like throwing things out at the best times but this looks like something; I have a vague feeling that this could be a vital something but I haven’t noticed anything not working, or at least working worse than usual so I’m rather stumped.

To complicate matters further, a second one has turned up.  It’s sitting on my desk.  I thought it was the same URO but no, there’s now two.

I’ve hastily photographed it for your perusal, it’s about 1-2 cm across in the real world.

URO from Kitchen Dresser

Any ideas?

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8 thoughts on “URO on My Kitchen Dresser

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  1. A agree with the faucet spout filter. If it’s too big for that, it could be the same thing for an outside hose. Both look very similar with one being larger than the other. (I’m gal who worked in her Dad’s hardware store for 25 years.)

  2. tea strainer?
    keeper of unblocked sinks?
    random filter thing?

    There’s only one way to find out, and now you’ve got 2, you can risk it… Throw it out. You’ll soon find out what you needed it for :)

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