Busy Bee

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Are bees busy?  Well, what I mean is, why do we perceive bees to be busy?  Most bugs and bichos are notable for their state of activity rather than otherwise.  Take the ant.  Ants are industrious.  But maybe they aren’t cute enough to enter popular colloquial speech?  (Are bees are cute?  Husband would argue otherwise, he has a major problem with the entire species (and anything else that speaks the same language – bzzzz) because he cycled into one once upon a time whereupon the unfortunate creature stung).  Ants creep.  Humans, generally, don’t really trust creeping things.  Or is it simply the pleasing alliteration of the phrase?  Well, in that case, maybe we could make a case for assiduous ants.  After all, being busy doesn’t have to have a purpose.

(I’m going with alliteration, the French apparently don’t do bees).

Anyway, that’s a nice random paragraph, a classic case of my idiosyncratic mind in full operation, but there really needs to be a point to this post.  I mean, you don’t come here just to read random wafflings about apiformes, do you?  No, I didn’t think so.

The point that I’m trying to make, and may well do so eventually, is that I have been a busy bee.  Or just a busy human.  Very busy.  And, of course, being busy has meant that I’ve also had to spend quite a bit of time recovering.  That is why I have been absent.  (Is absence usually associated with busyness?  Hmm).

Life has calmed (hopefully) and I’m bored of being rather poorly and bed-bound so I might have recovered, in which case, blogging will resume.




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