A New Cushion

A few years ago we went to one of those hobby shows, there wasn’t much knitting but there was plenty of sewing and Husband was even able to do a workshop or two.  In one of them, he started on a patchwork cushion using some very modern, funky fabric but because he works so carefully (synonymous with ‘slowly’), he never got to finish it.

He brought it home, unfinished, but what with one thing and another, it got shelved.  Literally.  But we both wanted him to return to his project and finish it.  A few months ago he took up the needle again, back when we started making those bottle holders, and afterwards he decided to dig out his little square of patchwork and finish it up.

We found some black cotton for the back but had to buy a zip, which wasn’t easy because our local department shop’s haberdashery selection is pretty rudimentary.  (So is their choice of ‘wool‘ and other knitting supplies).  Zips are available in a very limited spectrum, closely related to primary colours.  He went with red in the end, it was either that or a very weird green.  The cushion pad was taken from an old cushion that was in retirement in the loft.  And voilà!  Cushion finished.

I love it, especially against our black sofas.  Don’t you think he did well?

Funky Patchwork Cushion


8 thoughts on “A New Cushion

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  1. Ooh that’s gorgeous! I made a quilt over a period of many years and think I now want to tackle something a bit more “portable” – something like this would be perfect. Love the colours :)

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