FO: Some Other Things That I’ve Made

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7 thoughts on “FO: Some Other Things That I’ve Made

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  1. So beautiful. I wish I had the patience to learn. And you mentioned dishcloths in the comments. I love the dishcloths my aunt made me. Maybe I could start there. Hmmmmmm.

  2. Lovely collection, IE :-) A queston: are you the sort of person to whom yarn bombing appeals? I could just see you coming out with something very cool in that line.

    1. Actually, I’ve got mixed feelings about the whole yarn-bombing thing. It seems a waste of resources to use your time and yarn making trees warmer. But if it’s part of a themed, more art orientated display or exhibit? Perhaps. By the way, I have been commenting on some of your posts but it won’t let me! :)

      1. Aw, it’s so high-spirited…makes me smile whenever I see a yarn bomb. But an exhibit does sound a great idea. Sorry you’ve been having problems commenting! I’ll get onto the Happiness Engineers. I’m sure they should be called something else….

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