My Perfect Potato

For some people, the potato is king; it’s there on every single plate of food they eat; ‘oh it’s so versatile, you can do so much with a potato!”  I don’t get it.  Admittedly, I’m a pasta girl myself but the potato never really did anything for me.  After all, it’s just so many variations on boiled, fried or baked, isn’t it?  Potatoes for me are just a vehicle for something else, they’re part of the main event but not a leading role.  At the very least there has to be dressing, dip or sauce.

I do voluntarily eat potatoes these days:I like them sautéed in hash-style dishes, I eat a little creamy potato salad outside of home, I like small, crunchy roast potatoes, I don’t mind potato cakes – preferably with things like fish or beans or vegetables … um … ooh, hash browns.  I like those.  In this country, hash browns are those perfectly formed triangles that the Americans that I’ve met label fast food not proper, home-style, grated hash that any self-respecting family or diner would serve.  And chips.  Do they count as potato?  I like my chips skinny and crispy, fries-style.  Then there’s crisps.  I don’t like the boiled, anaemic mush that’s then been fried; I like my crisps to bear some resemblance to potato.  Ironically.

I hate mash.  It’s the whole texture thing, of course.  It makes me gag.  Yep, so I avoid that.  Then there’s jacket potatoes.  I never liked jacket potatoes as a child, the whole slightly mash-y thing in the middle with a charred, bullet-proof outer layer just never worked for me.  As I’ve got older though they have slowly re-entered my culinary world.  They’re useful; cheap, basic, quick (I’ll explain later) and as I said, a useful vehicle for other things like baked beans or chilli.

But then I fell in love.

It was instant, I was smitten by the first bite and lost forever by the end of a dish.  I don’t usually fall so hard for anything, or anyone.  But it looked good on paper and stayed looking good.  And more importantly, it tasted seriously good.  I was sad when my dinner was finished!  This is just not like me.  I like food, I like photographing my food but, no, I’m not usually infatuated.  I don’t think it’s just a crush either, I think this will be for life.

You see when you read through my previous relationship history with the potato, you’ll notice a reoccurring theme: it’s got to be crispy.  And not too potato-ey on the inside either, thank you.  So when I tell you that this potato is seriously, seriously crispy then you know that it’s for real.

Oh and there’s butter.  Lots of butter.

And hot pepper sauce.

I told you this was a match made in heaven.

Who would have thought that you could actually find love on the internet?!

This is my perfect potato, my new-found love:

Cheese-Topped and Sauced Buffalo Hasselbacks

Did I mention the butter?  There’s lot of melted butter.

Buffalo_Hasselbacks_Seasoned_and_Buttered wm

And did you know that you can mix your favourite (not the one in the recipe but my favourite) hot pepper sauce with melted butter?  (I may need to go to CAPITALS soon because it was soooooo good!).

Anyway, I found the picture here and the recipe is from here.

I followed the instructions pretty much (naturally!) but gave my one potato eight minutes in the microwave and maybe about twenty minutes in the oven at 200 C fan.  (You may be all against microwave-nuking your food, that’s fine, do what works for you; me I’d rather not run the oven for an hour or so if I can help it and I’d rather have tea sooner rather than later!)Buffalo Hasselback Potato with Salad

Then I served it up with leftover salad (that’s the slightly un-photogenic mess around the back of the plate) and fell in love.


I want another one.

PS.  I’m still not sure what makes it ‘buffalo’.  It looked pretty vegetarian to me.  But then apparently buffaloes have wings.  Hm.

PPS.  I really want another one!

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  1. I know the microwave is the fastest way to accomplish this, but the specialist cooking magazine Cook’s Illustrated did a fantastic roasted potato recipe a while back which has pushed Hasselback out of my heart. They are a bit of trouble with the boiling and roasting, but the results are fantastic. And the reason the recipe you shared is called Buffalo is the combination of the hot sauce and the blue cheese. Buffalo-style chicken wings are marinated in hot sauce and served with a blue cheese dip.

    1. I’ll check out your recipe too! It’s the blue cheese that makes it buffalo-style too then? I’ve never seen it served with buffalo-style wings over here! Thanks for visiting and sharing. :)

  2. I think the “buffalo” has something to do with “buffalo wings” which are really chicken wings, and there’s something American there that I can’t really identify and who knows. But – I’ve seen this recipe, too, and you’re the first person I’ve read who has TRIED it. Hmmmm. Now I’m interested.

    1. Where did you find it? It’s good, so good, you must try it! I have a funny feeling that the chicken wings are connected to Buffalo, NY but it just irritates the pedant in me when I see ‘buffalo wings’. :)

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